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Shrine of Azura (Morrowind)

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For other uses, see Azura's Shrine. 

The Shrine of Azura is a shrine to the Daedric Princess Azura, located on the island of Vvardenfell.


Azura is one of the key figures in Dunmer culture, having originally created the race from the Chimer, so it is therefore unsuprising that a statue and shrine of the Daedric Princess was built. However, it is unknown when the Shrine of Azura was erected, although it was, in the time of the return of the Nerevarine in 3E 427, one of the only untouched shrines in Vvardenfell.


Azura's QuestEdit

Azura's Quest begins and ends at the Shrine. This quest requires the Nerevarine to help resolve a bet in Azura's favor, rewarding the Nerevarine with Azura's Star (the famed reusable soul gem).


  • There are in fact two shrines to Azura found (and interacted with) in Vvardenfell.
    • One is located with the Cavern of the Incarnate and is a key location in the main quest.
    • The one mentioned in this article is only featured in the quest Azura's Quest.
  • As mentioned above, this Daedric Shrine is one of the few in Vvardenfell which hasn't been damaged.
    • This may be due to Azura's importance in Dunmer culture.
    • It may also be because of its secluded location.


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