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"You have been in the Chapel of Kynareth from the moment you stepped outdoors. Have you not felt her presence? We gather here to pay tribute to all of the blessings she bestows upon us"
Avita Vesnia[src]

The Shrine of Kynareth is a shrine located inside the cave Kynareth's Grotto in the Great Forest dedicated to the Divine, Kynareth. Unlike other shrines, the worshipers decided it would be wrong to build over Kynareth's work to worship her, so they built a shrine in the temple she created.

Aside from being a place of worship, it is also a part of the protection for the Boots of the Crusader, an artifact of blessed and protected by Kynareth.


Nature's FuryEdit

While searching for the Boots, The Knight Commander must speak to the worshipers at the shrine, who will lead the Knight to the Grove of Trials. If the trial is failed, they must be spoken to again to try again.

After the trial is over, Jesper and Stanet will be pleased to see the Knight is a true follower of Kynareth, while Avita Vesnia will have left to join the Knights of the Nine.