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For other uses, see Shrine of Nocturnal.

Just south of Arpenia and north of Blankenmarch, and along the Yellow road north of Leyawiin Nocturnal Shrine. Plant life is sparse around the shrine despite an abundant water source. Only a few Clouded Funnel Cap grow near the south-southeast of the shrine and a few Green Stain Cup to the northwest near a Nirnroot.


The shrine is attended by Dhola, Francine Velain and the shrine's priest, Mor gra-Gamorn. Speak to Mor gra-Gamorn to get permission to speak to the Daedra.



Nocturnal speaks for a time about her Eye of Nocturnal, then informs the Hero that it has been stolen. She tasks the Hero to find out where the thieves have hidden it, and return it. In passing she makes reference to a pair of Argonians, Weebam-Na and Bejeen, in the nearby town.


The Hero must be level 10 or higher to interact with the shrine and begin the quest.

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