Shrine to Azura is a landmark located in the northeastern region of Stormhaven, north of the Weeping Giant. During the Second Era, the place was invaded by the Supernal Dreamers, a dangerous and fanatic cult to Vaermina that terrorized the region during that time and usual rivals of the Spirit Wardens, followers dedicated to Azura. The Supernal Dreamers have desecrated the shrine and kept its control from Weeping Giant, performing rituals and sheltering around the sacred grounds. During the campaign against Vaermina's plot, the Vestige must restore the shrine and ask Azura's help to save King Emeric.


Azura's AidEdit

The Daedric Prince Vaermina has taken control of King Emeric's dreams, the Vestige must seek Azura's guidance.




  • Alongside Pariah Abbey, Shrine to Azura is another safe spot for Spirit Wardens, accepted in Stormhaven due to the usual benevolence or neutrality of Azura and her followers.
    • Both locations have the same model of Azura's statue, having only size as difference.