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Shrouded Armor (Cuirass)

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Shrouded Armor
ShroudedArmor Ob
Armor Type Cuirass
GoldIcon 0
WeightIcon 2.35
ArmorIcon 15
Armor Health 440
Additional Effects Fortify Skill: Sneak 8pts
Fortify Skill: Illusion 8pts
Fortify Skill Marksman 8pts
Fortify Skill: Blade 8pts
Fortify Skill: Acrobatics 8pts
Part of Shrouded Armor
Armor Class Light Armor
Item ID 000347F7
For other uses, see Shrouded Armor.

The Shrouded Armor is an enchanted light cuirass that is part of the Shrouded Armor set.


Given by Ocheeva upon joining the Dark Brotherhood.


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