"Ignore these dull-clawed miners and traders-nothing but thieves and swindlers, the lot of them. The best deals happen here, with Shurami!"

Shurami-dra is a Khajiit merchant. She sells her wares at her stall, Moonrise Market, at the Gateside Market in Dragonstar.


  • "Dung-covered Iron Orcs! What did Shurami ever do to them? Shurami only uses her knives to cut prices! Let me show you my stock."
  • "This one cares nothing for snakes or corrupt caravan guards. Shurami is only interested in the art of the deal. Come, fragrant one. Let us talk."
  • "I have heard rumors of the Scaled Court. But Dragonstar has its own snake cultist. Have you met Safa? She is a very good customer-for a cult leader."