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Shurinbaal is a quest given by Athyn Sarethi to the Nerevarine for House Redoran, during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


"Take care of some smugglers in Shurinbaal."
―Quest Description



Having returned from protecting House Redoran's honor in the previous quest, the Nerevarine is instructed by Athyn Sarethi to remove some smugglers from a cave near Gnaar Mok. The smugglers are led by Daroder Helni and Enjine, they both can be found in the cave named Shurinbaal.

Journey to ShurinbaalEdit

As there is no direct path between Ald'ruhn and Gnaar Mok, the Nerevarine must walk, or travel by Silt Strider or by boat to reach Gnaar Mok. Once there the cave can be found to the southwest of the town, the Nerevarine may speak with citizens of the town to get information on its location. The cave of Shurinpaal is surronded by swamp and a number hostile creatures.

Removing the SmugglersEdit

Within the cave the Nerevarine will encounter several smugglers. The leaders, Daroder Helni and Enjine can be found behind a trapped gate at the end of the main corridor, surronded by crates, containing valuable loot. Once the leaders are killed, the Nerevarine may empty the smuggler's stashes before returning to Athyn Sarethi.


IDJournal Entry
10Serjo Athyn Sarethi believes there are smugglers in the cave of Shurinbaal, just southwest down the coast from Gnaar Mok. I must find and kill the leaders of the smugglers, Daroder and Enjine.
  • Quest accepted
 100 Serjo Athyn Sarethi thanked me for shutting down the smuggling operations in Shurinbaal.
  • Quest complete


  • Various people in Gnaar Mok will note that the smugglers at Shurinbaal have begun working with someone in Ald'ruhn.
    • This contact is named as Drinar Varyon.
    • Some Thieves guild members in Ald'ruhn will confide that Drinar is a smuggler who works with his sister, Dovrosi Varyon within Shurinbaal.
    • Athyn Sarethi will suggest speaking the Drinar, although no legal action can be taken against him.
  • Drinar Varyon's role in smuggling Dwemer artifacts is further revealed in an Imperial Legion quest, Dwemer Artifacts at Drinar Varyon's Place.
  • A trainer, by the name of Crottus Cedus, can be found within Shurinbaal.

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