"Well... it seems I am dying. Yes, these may be my last days in the Shivering Isles."
―Sickly Bernice[src]

Sickly Bernice quote

Sickly Bernice is a Breton publican who owns an Inn called Sickly Bernice's Taphouse in the Demented part of New Sheoth, Crucible.


A Liquid SolutionEdit

She tells the Hero that she is severely ill and needs somebody to get her the supposed cure, aquanostrum, from Knotty Bramble or she will die.

After the Hero of Kvatch gets her the cure she will thank and reward them with the Circlet of Verdure. After a few days she will ask them to return to the bramble again because her cure has run out, this repeats continually and she will not be cured.

The Lady of ParanoiaEdit

Bernice is one of the people that can be tortured for info on Ma'zaddha. She will say that he has been seen meeting with Nelrene.