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"Oh, the fever! My body burns!"
―Sickly Farmer[src]

The Sickly Farmer is a generic character found in the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun.


The Sickly Farmer can be found lying on a pedestal, with a wounded soldier on another. Neither have dialogue; instead, they will moan when spoken to.


  • "So sick... Can hardly stand it..."
  • "Oh, the fever! My body burns!"
  • "Oh, ahhh..."
  • "Thank you. The pain is already easing." ―When being healed.
  • "I feel better already." ―When being healed.
  • "Gods bless you, healer." ―When being healed.


  • The farmer and soldier never actually heal with time, despite dialogue indicating that they do so, nor can they be healed by the Dragonborn


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