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For a list of side quests in the Shivering Isles expansion, see Side Quests (Shivering Isles).

Side QuestsEdit

Cyrodiil contains many side quests that do not pertain to a particular faction or affect the Main Quest. These quests are often heard through rumors, found by simply talking to the right NPC, or simply by reading an article or finding an item, such as the Seeking Your Roots quest. This article lists quests by starting location.

See Category:Oblivion: Side Quests for an alphabetical listing of all side quests.

Imperial City QuestsEdit

Walkthroughs of quests which start in the Imperial City, sorted by district.

Imperial City Market DistrictEdit

Imperial City ArenaEdit

Imperial City Temple DistrictEdit

Imperial City WaterfrontEdit

Imperial City Talos Plaza DistrictEdit

Anvil QuestsEdit

Bravil QuestsEdit

Bruma QuestsEdit

Cheydinhal QuestsEdit

Chorrol QuestsEdit

Kvatch QuestsEdit

Leyawiin QuestsEdit

Skingrad QuestsEdit

Misc QuestsEdit

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