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Sidri-Ashak was a Tsaesci Potentate, widely considered to be obscure and one of the last strong potentates.[1] He served Emperor Brazollus Dor, one of the rulers of the Reman Empire.[2]


Sidri-Ashak served Brazollus Dor during his reign between Reman Cyrodiil II and Reman III. Dor, who was not a capable ruler, nor interested in political affairs, assigned the duties that an Emperor would usually perform to his potentate, Sidri-Ashak. This is considered Dor's only wise decision, as Ashak proved to be a gifted administrator and man of integrity.[2]

Little is known what Ashak did during his time as Potentate. Mysterious green runestones dotted the land of Cyrodiil after he made an effort to improve the province's roads.[1] He also wrote a book titled Recollections of a Humble Potentate, which was later read by High King Emeric of the Daggerfall Covenant.[2]



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