Siege of Castle Karstaag is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon.


  1. Rest anywhere and watch the cutscene
  2. Head through the doors at Castle Karstaag
  3. Speak to the Riekling in the throne room
  4. Enter the Banquet hall and kill all the Rieklings
  5. Enter the caves and kill the Grahks and the Riekling
  6. Speak to the Riekling in the throne room again.


Rest and watch the cutscene, Hircine will tell you of a Rebellion at Castle Karstaag that he wants you to stop because someone he likes is the leader there. You will be in werewolf form which will make traveling to Castle Karstaag much easier than walking there if you are on Solstheim, otherwise you will probably want to wait until you are a human, though you will lose a large amount of health (unless you kill a person nearby). Castle Karstaag is most easily found by heading North of Skaal Village and following the coast west.


Siege of Castle Karstaag
I have been sent another dream by the Daedra Lord Hircine. He has told me that Castle Karstaag, at the north shore of the island, is under siege by renegade servants. The owner of the castle is important to him, and Hircine would like me to enter the castle and kill the rebellious creatures.
  • Quest accepted
I have entered Castle Karstaag and spoken to a Riekling named Dulk. He tells me that another Riekling named Krish has enlisted the help of grahl to attempt to take control of the castle. I should enter the caverns below the castle and destroy the grahl and the Riekling Krish.
At the northwest end of the island stands an enormous castle of ice, home of the frost giant Karstaag. Wind-Eye tells me that he and the Skaal have lived in peace, but that this slaughter of the horkers could be the work of the Rieklings under his control. I should investigate Castle Karstaag and see what I can find out. Though I cannot go in the front door, there is an entrance under the water north of the castle that has recently been discovered.
I have killed all of the grahl and the Riekling Krish. Hircine will be pleased.
Hircine was pleased with my efforts, and has rewarded me with Hunter's Wind, the ability to completely restore my health once each day.
  • Quest complete

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