Signals of Dominion is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Aldmeri Dominion forces have captured Farwatch Tower. They're using the tower to signal their fleet at sea.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Get information from Sergeant Muzbar
  2. Get any message from the nearby enemy camp
  3. Bring the message to Captain Gilame
  4. Talk to the captain
  5. Douse the fires atop the tower
  6. Talk to Captain Gilame
  7. Complete the quest


On the road near the Farwatch Tower Wayshrine, the Vestige will find an injured Orsimer named Sergeant Muzbar. He says the Dominion soldiers have taken the Farwatch Tower and are planning another attack. A scout has found out they are passing messages between the commanders and using the tower to signal their ships. Bring one of those messages to Captain Gilame.

The Dominion camp isn't far away, head over there and fight the Dominion soldiers on the way. Fight the commander holding the message, and then sneak away over the bridge to find the captain.

Explain to her about the message, and after reading it she finds out the Dominion is planning a full-scale attack. We must stop the commander, but after hearing he has been eliminated, she realize this will buy them precious time. She gives the Vestige a storm rune to put out the fires in the tower. Gilame wants them to meet her on the shore after the fires are out.

Head to the tower and deal with any enemy that attack. Go inside and up the stairs to the top, put the storm stone in the fires and they will all be extinguished. Return to the captain and she is pleased with the work. This will give them time to bring in reinforcements, good job! She rewards the Vestige with a pair of Lion Guard Poleyns and some GoldIcon.


  • 36–151 GoldIcon