"I hope the wind dies down a bit before tonight, hard when you've got to sleep outside."
―Silda The Unseen[src]

Silda the Unseen is a Nord beggar who can be found wandering around Windhelm.


She can often be found by the forge in front of the Blacksmith Quarters in Windhelm, warming her hands in the early morning or elsewhere in the Stone Quarter, such as near the front gate to Windhelm and occasionally in front of the Palace of the Kings.


Skill trainerEdit

Silda teaches pickpocket at expert-level. If asked to be trained in the art of Pickpocketing, the following exchange takes place:

Train me to be a better Pickpocket. "Up to no good, are we? I'll teach you, but it'll cost you."

Blood on the IceEdit

At the crime scene of Susanna the Wicked's murder, Silda, along with Calixto Corrium, stands as a witness. Agreeing to help the Windhelm Guard collect clues on the murder, the Dragonborn questions Silda about the murder. She reports having heard Susanna the Wicked cry out, but says she arrived at the scene too late to see or stop the killer.

Quest all Beggars HaveEdit

Being a beggar, she can also be given one gold piece as charity, where the following lines will be heard:

Here. Have a gold piece. "Oh, thank you. Divines bless your kind heart."



Quote Condition
"A few septims ain't nothing. You can spare that, can't you?" Dialogue
"Spare a coin for a poor old woman, milord/milady?"
"Spare a coin? Talos rewards the generous."
"I hope the wind dies down a bit before tonight. Hard when you've got to sleep outside."
"Nervous being alone at night. Especially these days, with the Butcher prowling the streets."
"The Divines smile on a charitable soul." Exit Conversation
"Don't forget them who's less fortunate than yourself."
"Up to no good, are we? I'll teach you, but it'll cost you." Training
"Another one. Terrible." Blood on the Ice
"I heard a scream and came running, but she was already... like this... when I got here."
"Nervous being alone at night. Especially these days, with the Butcher prowling the streets."

General QuotesEdit

  • "Spare a coin for a poor old woman?"
  • "A few septims for my supper is all I ask."
  • "I ask only for a little charity."
  • "Will you spare a few coins to help someone who's got nothing?"
  • "I ain't askin' for much, just a few septims."
  • "The Divines smile on those who show mercy an' charity."


  • Even though she is a beggar, it will be seen that she carries 500 GoldIcon if she is pickpocketed.
  • Silda is marked as an essential character until the completion of her role in the quest Blood on the Ice. Her essential marker is removed once she has been a witness.
  • If a piece of apparel is dropped in front of her, she will ask if she can have it.
  • If the Dragonborn has given her GoldIcon in the past and she is later killed, they will receive an inheritance of 100 GoldIcon.
  • She will, on some occasions, give the Dragonborn, a steel weapon or a book with the line "It's nothing, really."
  • If one reverse pickpockets clothes onto her she will continue to wear the rags.


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