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Silent Moons Camp

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Tomb Silent Moons Camp
Silent moons camp
Skyrim map Silent Moons Camp
Hold Whiterun Hold
Location Northwest of Whiterun
Type Bandit Camp
Quests Bounty: Kill Bandit Leader
Enemies Bandits
Silent Moons Camp is an ancient Nordic tomb located in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The camp can be found northwest of the city of Whiterun, in the Whiterun Hold.


Silent Moons Camp is composed of the outside area and small cave system accessed by a door in the wall near the base. The camp is home to a group of bandits whose leader is trying to learn the secrets of the Lunar Forge.

The most prominent feature of this location is the Lunar Forge, which is at the top of the outside structure. Inside the cave is where the Bandit Leader has set up their headquarters. At the end of the cave is a locked door, leading to the bandit leader's room and treasure. The cave entrance is a door to the right of the stairs leading to the Lunar Forge.

Inside the leader's room is a ladder leading up to an otherwise difficult to access chest in the topside ruins behind a gate that can only be activated by the pull chain nearby. This can also be accessed by scaling the rocks above the ruined wall that leads to the tower which houses the chest.

The camp has the usual assortment of random potions, gold, and food items.

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