Silus Vesuius is an Imperial Mythic Dawn fanatic, scholar, and historical expert. He seems to take a particular interest in Mehrunes Dagon, the Daedric Prince worshipped by the Mythic Dawn during the Oblivion Crisis. He is also proud of his family's involvement in the cult, despite it ending the Septim Dynasty and very nearly bringing about the end of the world.


He lives in Dawnstar. He operates a museum inside his home that features a number of Mythic Dawn artifacts in locked display cases.

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Silus Vesuius asks that the fragments of Mehrunes' Razor be retrieved.


  • "The cult's greatest accomplishment was the assassination of the Septim Dynasty and the beginning of the Oblivion Crisis."


  • Silus claims to be the descendant of one of the Mythic Dawn Agents who were sent to kill Uriel Septim VII in the Imperial City Sewers, which triggered the Oblivion Crisis
  • If Silus dies after telling the Dragonborn to run away at Mehrunes' shrine, a courier may show up with an inheritance of 90 GoldIcon and a letter from Jarl Skald the Elder (or Brina Merilis if the Imperials have taken over the Pale) informing the Dragonborn of Silus' death.
  • Silus bears resemblance to Silus from one of Bethesda's other games Fallout: New Vegas. Both characters have similar facial features and wear red uniforms.
  • Like several other characters, his body does not disappear when killed.
  • If the Dragonborn kills Silus inside his museum and steals the artifacts inside, they may be attacked by hired thugs carrying a contract from Silus.

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