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Silvenar is a city in the very heart of the province of Valenwood.[1]



Silvenar had once been a blossoming glade in Valenwood's forests, but owing to a spell or natural cause, the trees' sap began flowing with translucent liqueur. The process of the sap flowing and hardening over the colorful trees had formed the web of the city.[1]

At the end of the First Era, Silvenar rose from being a local trading post to a full-fledged power in its own right.[2]


The city of Silvenar appears as glass and flower, roaring winds and beautiful inertia.[3] If Falinesti is a tree, then Silvenar is a flower. A magnificent pile of faded shades of green, red, blue, and white, shining with crystalline residue. The bridges of Silvenar are amber, and its' forest architecture is petrified.[1]

The palace of the Silvenar is quite bizarre, a frozen scarlet burst of twisted, uneven spires as if a rival sun rising. Courtiers and servants resemble nothing so much as insects atop a blossom the size of a village. The palace can be entered over a bent petal-like bridge. Inside the palace consists of unbalanced walls, and a small shaded hall where the partitions bend close together and touch. Where they warp away from one another, there is a courtyard.[3]

The only way to get to the Silvenar is by crossing through the entire spiral of the Silvenar palace, through meetings and bedrooms and dining halls, past dignitaries, consorts, musicians, and many guards. The audience chamber of the Silvenar is an enormous dome where the walls bend from bowl-shaped at the base inward to almost meet at the top. A thin ray of sunlight streams through the fissure hundreds of feet above, and directly upon the Silvenar, who stands upon a puff of shimmering gray powder.[3]

Prithala Hall, the most luxurious tavern in the city, is an estimable palace of silvery reflective crystal.[1]