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Silver-Claw is a Khajiit merchant and an associate of the Thieves Guild. He runs the Spotless Goods Shipping Concern company, and owned a warehouse in the city of Abah's Landing prior to it going under new management.

Near the end of the Thieves Guild's questline, Silver-Claw is given an honorary membership in the guild.


Cleaning HouseEdit

Forever Hold Your PeaceEdit


Velsa: "Did you fall and land directly upon your skull? I... am... retired!"
Silver-Claw: "Velsa! Do not make me beg. It is unbecoming of our most profitable history."
Velsa: "And who is this, Silver-Claw? Who else befouls my garden?"
Silver-Claw: "In all truthfulness, I have no knowledge. A friend? But... you have no friends. Beyond my humble and mercantile self, of course!"


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