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Silver Weapons are weapons in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall made from silver. They may be found as random loot.

While they have no damage buffs, silver weapons or better are needed to harm lycanthropes, certain undead (such as wraiths and mummies), and standard vampires.


Weapon Damage Hand(s) Description
Silver Dagger 1–6 One Double-edged, six inch to foot long blade.
Silver Tanto 1–8 One Short stabbing spike, less than a foot in length.
Silver Shortsword 1–8 One Sword with a two foot long double-edged blade.
Silver Staff 1–8 One Long pole effective as a club.
Silver Short Bow 2–8 Two Three to four foot tall bow; used with arrows.
Silver Wakizashi 1–10 One Sword with a three foot long blade single edged blade.
Silver Broadsword 1–12 One Long but broad-bladed double edged blade.
Silver Mace 1–12 One A war club with a spike ball on the end.
Silver Long Bow 2–12 Two Five to six foot tall bow; used arrows.
Silver War Axe 2–12 Two Short handled hatchet with a single blade.
Silver Saber 3–12 One Sword with a slightly curved edge.
Silver Morningstar 2–14 Two Rod chained to a heavy, spiked ball.
Silver Longsword 2–16 One Sword with a five foot long double blade.
Silver Battle Axe 2–16 Two Short-handled hatchet with a double-headed blade.
Silver Katana 3–16 One Four foot long single edged blade.
Silver Claymore 2–18 Two Sword with a double edge, five foot long blade.
Silver Warhammer 3–18 Two Heavy mallet, effective as a bludgeon.
Silver Dai-Katana 3–21 Two Sword with a five foot long, single-edged blade.
Silver Flail 4–16 Two Spiked ball and chain.