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Silverhome on the Water is an inn in Bravil. Located to the left upon entering Bravil's gate, Silverhome on the Water is an inn headed by Gilgondorin.


It's a three-story inn with five bedrooms. The third floor is locked and has a Nirnroot in the west bedroom. The inn is often visited by Brokil gro-Shatur and Jean-Pierre Lemonds. Gilgondorin sells food but no drinks. A bed costs 20 GoldIcon for a night.


The Forlorn WatchmanEdit

Asking about rumors in Bravil will reveal for the Hero that there is something ghostly happening outside town and people will point to Gilgondorin at the Silverhome on the Water.

Seeking Your RootsEdit

Collect Nirnroots and bring them to Sinderion and he will make special potions.



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