The Fork of Horripilation

The Fork of Horripilation

For other uses, see Silverware.

Silverware might sometimes be found on dead monsters and animals when looting them. The only silverware with any value are the actual silver pieces. No pewter or silver ladles have been found in Oblivion, however there are iron ladles found in Morrowind.

Known Silverware in Oblivion (and lesser grades):

  • Fork (wood)
  • Knife (wood)
  • Spoon (wood)
  • Ladle (wood)
  • Pewter Fork
  • Pewter Knife
  • Pewter Spoon
  • Silver Fork
  • Silver Knife
  • Silver Spoon

There is a unique fork called the Fork of Horripilation which can be found in the Shivering Isles expansion.