"These caves have been quiet for so long, but the winds have returned and our spirits with them. You walk among the living, yet you speak with the dead. Will you help return us to rest?"
―Sir Edain's Spirit[src]

Sir Edain's Spirit is a deceased Breton knight found in Windridge Cave in Stormhaven. He went there on a sacred mission, to slay the notorious bandits, Arie, Emory, and Gilbert, who became known as The Three. He ventured into the depths leaving his fellow knights behind with orders to collapse the cave if he did not return and the cave became his tomb.


Legacy of the ThreeEdit

The Vestige discovered evidence of something amiss at the Windridge Cave in Alcaire. The fates of a knight and his comrades seem inexorably tied to the existence of The Three, a trio of bandit chieftans who once dwelled in these caves.