Sir Hughes' Fate is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. After murdering Duchess Lakana, Sir Hughes fled to Firebrand Keep. The Vestige have come to confront him and if necessary, bring him to justice for his crimes.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Sir Edmund
  2. Visit the infirmary, and speak with Odette Jerick
  3. Examine Sir Hughes's body
  4. Investigate Alcaire Castle
  5. Defeat the Omen of Fear
  6. Speak with Sir Hughes, and Duke Nathaniel
  7. Decide Sir Hughes fate


Sir Edmund will ask the Vestige to interview Sir Hughes in the infirmary. Talk with Odette Jerick to access his condition. Odette notes that Sir Hughes has slipped away, and is surrounded by an aura usually associated with a curse. She advises not getting involved, and certainly not touching Sir Hughes, as that could draw the Vestige into the curse.

When the Vestige examines Sir Hughes, they are drawn into his nightmare in Alcaire Castle. In the dream version, nothing may be interacted with except quest points. Go to the throne room and witness the scene of Sir Hughes' subversion. Then go upstairs to witness the murder of Duchess Lakana. Then back to the throne room to interact with Sir Hughes' sword.

Upon examining the sword, the Omen of Fear will materialize directly over the sword. If the Vestige does not prefer direct combat, moving away immediately is a good idea. The Omen is a Watcher with powerful attacks, and will summon two wraiths when at half health.

After defeating the Omen, the curse is broken and the Vestige is transported back to the infirmary with Sir Hughes. Duke Nathaniel is there and will ask the Vestige to make a just sentence for Sir Hughes. If his life is spared, he will be stripped of his knighthood and banished from Alcaire.


  • Honor's Guardian Of The Storm Knight (Cuirass)
  • 73–302 GoldIcon