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It's the jungle. Trapped in the walls of Root Sunder - it isn't a Daedra or ghost. It's the jungle itself. The Elves here found a way to bind the spirit of the jungle to the city's Welkynd Stones.

They must have thought themselves brilliant at the time. Bind the jungle to the city walls, then control the walls with magic. No more randomness. Pure order.

But the jungle went mad, trapped within the artificial walls. It took control of the city. Killed the inhabitants. Dragged the city beneath the ground. Then it slept. And we woke it up.

There may be a way to undo it. I'll need an Attunement Stone, used by the builders to create the binding spell. There should be one in the lower chamber, west of the central Welkynd Stone.

With the Attunement Stone, I have a chance to put things right here.

But first, three support stones must be attuned before the central stone can be used to remove the binding magic in the walls. I've marked the three here so I'll remember there location.

With those taken care of, it should be a simple matter of attuning the central Welkynd Stone, freeing the spirit of Root Sunder and ending this nightmare.

Dangerous task, but simple. I hope to be back at camp in time for wine with the others.


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