"Guess the Empire's going to need plenty of iron what with all the fighting. That'll be good for us, I suppose."

Sirgar is a Nord resident of Stonehills.


Sirgar is the son of Pactur, the overseer of the nearby Rockwallow Mine, and Sorli, his wife. He will send thugs after the Dragonborn if any of his possessions are stolen.

If Hjaalmarch is taken over by the Stormcloaks, his mother Sorli will become Jarl and his father Pactur will become her steward, and therefore both relocate to Highmoon Hall in Morthal. They will leave Sirgar in charge of Stonehills.


  • "Talk to my parents if you need something."
  • "My parents keep a close eye on the miners. They can't be trusted too much."
  • "I hear there's been fighting in Skyrim. Rebellion, maybe. Wonder if our iron is being used for weapons."
  • "I'm in charge now that my parents are in Morthal." ―Stormcloaks control Hjaalmarch
  • "I figured that I would run the mine someday. I just didn't figure that would mean now." ―Stormcloaks control Hjaalmarch