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"Most of the time I try and stay away from my dad and Britte, the beating's the same from either one of them."

Sissel is a Nord child and a resident of the settlement of Rorikstead. She and her twin sister Britte can be found roaming around the village.


Their father, Lemkil, often complains about how little his children help him with his farm. Sissel lost her mother at a young age and she gets pushed around by her twin sister. She is also beaten by her abusive father, who insults her and says she is "good for nothing at all."

Sissel has no friends of her age to play with. She is learning magic from Jouane Manette, who says she seems to possess a talent for it, and talks about visions of a kind, elderly dragon—most likely a reference to Paarthurnax, leader of the Greybeards. It seems that she is abused by both her father and Britte, because she says the beatings are the same from either one of them.


If you kill Jouane Manette, Sissel will tell you "You're mean. I hate you. I hate you forever and ever and ever." the next time she is approached.

If Lemkil is slain she will appear at Honorhall Orphanage sometime after, and will be a candidate for adoption if Hearthfire is installed.


  • "I had a dream that there was a good dragon. He was old and gray, but he wasn't scary."
  • "I wish I could be an adventurer like you, and go wherever I want."
  • "Most of the time I try and stay away from my dad and Britte, the beating's the same from either one of them."
  • "Someday soon I'll stop being afraid. Jouane is teaching me magic. He says I'm real good."


Britte "You're gonna get it Sissel!"
Sissel "Why? What did I do?"
Britte "I told you to weed the garden by sunset, and you didn't do it. Now you're in big trouble."
Sissel "Papa told you to do that, not me! Now leave me alone!"


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