"You're finally here! You stink of blood, but I thought you'd smell fouler with everything you've been through. You'd think I'd be use to it by now."
―Sister Terran Arminus[src]

Sister Terran Arminus is an Imperial Moth Priest found inside the ruins of the White-Gold Tower.

Terran is currently the only Moth Priest in the Imperial City. Prior to the invasion of the city, she purposefully left an Elder Scroll in the tower. Terran is in the service of Empress Regent Clivia Tharn, and has been waiting for the Vestige to arrive.


Planemeld ObverseEdit

Terran will task the Vestige with retrieving an Elder Scroll from the White-Gold Tower.


Show: The Planemeld Obverse
In the Imperial City Sewers:

"You're finally here! You stink of blood, but I thought you'd smell fouler with everything you've been through. You'd think I'd be use to it by now."
What are you talking about? "Absolutely nothing. And everything.' How would you like to help a humble Moth Priest and the Empress Regent herself with an urgent, even critical task?"

What task is this? "One destined for you. Daedra have overrun the White-Gold Tower. We would flee if it were not for a certain relic left in the halls above. We need to get it back. The existence of the Empire depends on it."
I'll help you get it. What is it? "The relic is an Elder Scroll, sequestered in the library of the White-Gold Tower. It's surrounded by the minions of Molag Bal. But they can't get to it―not yet. We hope to get to it first. But we need you to take us through the throne room to reach it."
How do you know all this? "It was written in the Elder Scroll in question. I was its keeper, and am destined to become so again, with your help."
Tell me about this Elder Scroll. "It's very old. Very secret. And it told me of events to come. It told me that we have great work to do, you and I."
What do you mean? "It's... easier to show you. Come, we have a throne room and an Elder Scroll to reclaim."
[Persuade] How do you know all this? "It was written in the Elder Scroll in question. I was its keeper, and am destined to become so again, with your help."
What evidence do you have? "A good question! The Scroll doesn't help with that part. But you've trusted the words of others before, on whim or by necessity. You could leave, I suppose. Doom us all. Doom my cat. I like my cat."
[Persuade] You're not helping. "You're supposed to help me!"
Who are you, exactly? "I'm the last of the Moth Priests remaining in the Imperial City. And with me are Empress Regent Clivia Tharn and her personal guard."
Where are the other Moth Priests? "Tending to their studies, I'm sure, elsewhere in the world. Elder Scrolls and Daedra don't mix."
So why is there an Elder Scroll here? "I left it here before the Daedra invaded. Not carelessly! On purpose."
Why? "You'll know more in time. Come, let's retrieve it."

After defeating Clivia Tharn's guards in the Elder Scrolls Library:

"I suppose the scrolls is never wrong, but I had hoped... Go. You have to find her. All the pieces are in place to bring about a collusion––for good or ill.

After defeating The Scion of Wroth:

"The portal ahead will take you to the Tower's top, to Clivia and the Dark Anchor. You must face her before she completes her work!"

After killing The Planar Inhibitor (Also at the Pinnacle of the White-Gold Tower):

"It's time for you to face Clivia Tharn. I don't know what stake she has in this, but it can't be in the Empire's interest. You'll find her through the portal ahead, at the top of the White-Gold Tower. Divines go with you. And my cat."
Why would the Empress Regent betray her people? "I couldn't sense her motive from the Elder Scroll––it said something about "shadow of shadows". The Scrolls are never wrong, but I wish I understood why she's doing it. It's like I don't know her anymore."

Why? You believed everything else. "Clivia Tharn was haughty and selfish, but she was an Imperial from head to toe. She'd never betray Cyrodiil. Not like this."
People have their reasons for siding with the Daedra. "No. There's more to it than that. For one thing, the Empress Regent I knew was too aristocratic to open doors for herself."

After defeating Molag Kena:

"I'm sorry you had to face her alone. I read in the Scroll there would have been ... consequences for me had I gotten involved in that battle. Had to time that portal just right!"
What happens now? "Tomorrow is the first day in many years that I won't have anything to do. No tasks, no duties. Nothing prophesied, anyway. Have you ever had rotmeth? I've always wanted to try rotmeth. Maybe a trip to Valenwood is in order."

Show: Post-Planemeld Obverse dialogue
Outside the White-Gold Tower:

"White-Gold belongs to the to the Empire again, but there's much work left to do. Where has the true Clivia gone? I must speak to the Imperial generals. They'll be ... interested to know a Daedra has been leading them. So many questions left to ask."
What do you mean? (Or "What did the Scrolls say about Clivia Tharn?") "The Scroll stated that the Empress Regent was a shadow of herself, that she would become an enemy to her own people. It didn't say she was a Daedric minion of Molag Bal. Perhaps it's time for another reading."

I thought you were blind. "Not entirely. My vision waxes and wanes, as my day of final reading is yet to come. Let's hope the Scroll's meaning is different now. Or at least clearer."
How can the writing be different? "The text on every Elder Scroll is fluid, reflecting the changing nature of reality itself. They're like cats. The final section of this particular scroll beckoned me to action, refusing to change no matter how often I read it."
What did it say? "It was ... blank."

How do you know that wasn't the true Clivia Tharn? "She has called on my orders many times. The Clivia Tharn is not the woman I knew. We must find her. Daedric invasion or no, there will be a struggle for the Ruby Throne without an Empress Regent. And that would mean ... more blood."

You don't sound overly concerned about her well-being. "When one has spent a good deal of one's life staring unblinkingly into the cosmic beyond, all but the strongest connections seem ... ephemeral."
I see. "And she yelled at my cat once."