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Sithis may refer to the following:

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    • I think Mehrunes Dagon and Molag Bal are more satan like. They represent evil in the more traditional sense. Sithis is not sentinent, sithis...
    • i think if anu and sithis are something more....scientific. if you compare creation of cosmos and creation of aurbis, in the cosmos, there ...
  • Why the heck noone believes in Anu?

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    • wrote: wrote:i think sithis(padomay) and anu are one being(maybe the all-maker), and them both are aspects of one bei...
    • (Time to be a weirdo.) Hear 'ye! Hear 'ye! People of TES Wiki! Hear my words! You, the lesser beings, have no understandance of Anuiel and ...

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