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Sixth House Base

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Sixth House Base
Quest Giver Caius Cosades
Location Gnaar Mok
Prerequisite Meet Sul-Matuul
Next Quest Corprus Cure
Reward Blades Promotion
Caius' Black Pants
Caius' Black Top
Caius' Ring
ID A2_2_6thHouse
Main article: Main Quest (Morrowind)

Sixth House Base is the seventh quest in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Get orders from Caius Cosades in Balmora to wipe out a Sixth House base near Gnaar Mok.
  2. Visit Raesa Pullia in Buckmoth Legion Fort to receive a report from the scouting party.
  3. Travel to Gnaar Mok and talk to the locals to find the location of the base.
  4. Enter Ilunibi and fight your way to the shrine.
  5. Kill Dagoth Gares.
  6. Return to Caius for your reward.


Spymaster CosadesEdit

After the previous mission in the Urshilaku Camp, speak with the Grand Spymaster Caius Cosades again for your new orders. The Spymaster says that a Sixth House base has been discovered near Gnaar Mok, he says that a group of Imperial Soldiers from Fort Buckmoth were headed to the cavern, but the Sixth House forces overwhelmed them. However, the local Sixth-House's commander, Dagoth Gares, spared one soldier's life, so he could go back to the Fort and warn them about Dagoth Ur's return. The soldier died some time after the incident, destroyed by the Corprus disease.

The Spymaster wants that you go to Fort Buckmoth and speak with the Fort's champion, Raesa Pullia, and learn more information about the subject.

Fort BuckmothEdit

Buckmoth Legion Fort

Fort Buckmoth

The Fort is located just south of Ald'ruhn, take a Silt Strider to the city and make a short trip to the south, you will see the Fort behind some rocks. Enter the Fort and look for Raesa, speak about the incident with her and she will give you the details. She says that the Sixth House base is inside a cavern named Ilunibi, she suggest speaking with the Gnaar Mok's residents about the cave.

Gnaar MokEdit

Gnaar Mok

Gnaar Mok

Gnaar Mok is a little Hlaalu settlement in the west of Vvardenfell. If you are patient, you can make a medium trip from the Fort to Gnaar Mok, if you do not want take all the way, go back to Ald'ruhn and take a Silt Strider to Khuul, from Khuul, take a boat to Gnaar Mok.


The Sixth-House base, Ilunibi, is located north of Gnaar Mok, in a little island. Enter the cave and explore it.

There are various Corprus creatures, Sixth-House mad cultists and some Daedra creatures, moreover, the cave is very dark, so take care of yourself, especially in low levels.


Ilunibi's Entrance

You will start at the Carcass of the Saint, find your way to Marowak's Spine (There is another exit to a sub-location called Tainted Marrow, but it is entirely optional), after exploring in Marowak's Spine, find the door to Blackened Heart, and then, go to the final location, Soul's Rattle.

In Soul's Rattle, Dagoth Gares will be waiting for you. He will not attack immediately, first he will have a pacific and even polite conversation with you. Gares says that the Ilunibi is just a little base with lesser servants, he will then clarify Dagoth Ur's plans and ideas, and will give you a message from the immortal High Councilor himself:


Dagoth Gares

"Once we were friends and brothers, Lord Nerevar, in peace and in war. Yet beneath Red Mountain, you struck me down as I guarded the treasure you bound me by oath to defend. But, remembering our old friendship, I would forgive you, and raise you high in my service.' My Lord Dagoth bids you come to Red Mountain. For the friendship and honor that once you shared, he would grant you counsel and power, if only you would pledge that friendship anew. I am not your Lord Dagoth, yet I, too, would say to you... Do you come with weapons to strike me down? Or would you put away your weapon, and join me in friendship?"
―Dagoth Ur's Message[src]

Dagoth Gares will say that while you are not a Sixth House member, the cultists, priests and servants will treat you as an enemy, and if you want make the submission, you will need speak with Dagoth Ur in the Red Mountain. Gares will attack you then.

Dagoth Gares is not powerful like the other Ash Ghouls, in fact, he is quite an easy oponent. Once you defeat Gares, he will say strange words and curse you with Corprus disease, then he dies.

"Even as my Master wills, you shall come to him, in his flesh, and of his flesh"
―Dagoth Gares' Last Words[src]

Take what you want in Dagoth Gares' room, there are quite valuable items there, and go back to Spymaster Cosades.


Sixth House Base
Before I take my next mission, the Spymaster wants me to improve my skills. He suggests I take a few guild jobs, cash in the loot, and upgrade my equipment. He gave me 400 gold to spend. When I think I'm ready, I'll go back to him, and he'll give me my next mission.
  • Quest accepted
The Spymaster has sent me to find a Sixth House base near Gnaar Mok. There I must kill a Sixth House priest named Dagoth Gares, and bring the Spymaster a full report on the Sixth House base. But first I need to speak to Raesa Pullia, the Champion of Fort Buckmoth. She'll tell me about the patrol that found the base, and how to find it.
I spoke with Raesa Pullia. The trooper who escaped died mad and disfigured with corprus. The cavern with the Sixth House base -- Ilunibi -- is not on the maps. I'll ask in Gnaar Mok about Ilunibi. The patrol fought cultists, disfigured man-beasts, and a half-man creature named Dagoth Gares. Dagoth Gares killed all the patrol, but sent one survivor out with messages about awakened sleepers and Lord Dagoth Ur.
A scout in Gnaar Mok told me about an old sea cave, called Ilunibi Caverns, up on the north end of the Gnaar Mok island, right on the coast. He said there was nothing but rats and slaughterfish, though smugglers and outlaws might use it for a hide-out.
The priest of Ilunibi Shrine tells me that Dagoth Ur bids me come to Red Mountain, where he would grant me counsel and power, if only I would pledge that friendship anew. He says the path to Red Mountain is long, and filled with danger, but there I will find wisdom, a firm friend, and all the power I need to set the world aright. So Dagoth Ur hopes to attract me to his service with promises of friendship and power.
Dagoth Gares says the Sixth House was only sleeping. Now Dagoth Ur and the Sixth House will free Morrowind of foreign rulers and divine pretenders. When the land is swept clean of 'false friends' and 'greedy thieves', the children of Veloth 'will build anew a garden of plenty in this blighted wasteland'. So the Sixth House means to drive out the Empire, overthrow the Temple, and restore the pre-Imperial Dunmer nation of Morrowind.
Dagoth Gares describes the Sleepers and Dreamers as new and weak worshippers. But the Children of His Flesh -- I think he means the corprus beasts -- are 'deep in the heart of his mysteries'. He also says that he and the servants of Ilunibi we are the least of Dagoth Ur's servants, and that servants called 'Ash Poets', 'Ascended Sleepers', and 'Ash Vampires' are more powerful and more blessed by Lord Dagoth.
Dagoth Gares says Lord Dagoth would far rather have me as a friend than as an enemy. But until I submit to Lord Dagoth, Sixth House servants will treat me as an enemy. If I want to be a friend of the Sixth House, first I must go to Lord Dagoth in his citadel on Red Mountain, and make my submission.
Dagoth Gares says Ilunibi shrine is only a small, quiet retreat where Sixth House servants share the sacraments of flesh and blood, and dream the dreams of their Lord. He says other lesser shrines are hidden throughout the land, but the greatest shrines of Sixth House servants lie beneath Red Mountain, in the citadels of our Lord and his close kin.
Dagoth Gares addressed me as if I were Lord Nerevar, giving me Dagoth Ur's words. Dagoth Ur says Nerevar and he were friends and brothers, but that Nerevar struck Dagoth Ur down beneath Red Mountain while Dagoth Ur protected a treasure Nerevar had sworn Dagoth Ur to protect. Yet Dagoth Ur offers to forgive me and raise me high in his service. So Dagoth Ur thinks I'm Lord Nerevar. I wonder about their history together.
I have killed Dagoth Gares, as the Spymaster ordered. But with his dying breath, Dagoth Gares pronounced a curse on me, and now I have the corprus disease. He said I would come to Dagoth Ur ' in his flesh, and of his flesh'. I don't feel any different, but the marks of the disease are plain on my face. I'll have to return and report to the Spymaster on the Sixth House base, and hope he knows of some way to cure this disease.
  • Quest complete

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