"Don't have much to say unless you're here to mine metal."
―Skaggi Scar-Face[src]

Skaggi is a Nord and the owner of the Left Hand Mine located outside Markarth. He is the husband of Sosia Tremellia.


He purchases Iron Ore from the Dragonborn at a full price of 7 GoldIcon.


Kolskeggr MineEdit

Skaggi can be asked about Kolskeggr Mine, where he can be told that the player will do it, where afterwards, after the Forsworn are killed, Pavo Attius can be told that the mine is clear. Pavo can be asked directly about the mine, negating having to talk to Skaggi to get the quest.


  • "I'm in charge of Left Hand Mine. You cause trouble, you answer to me."
  • "Left Hand Mine deals with iron; the perfect metal to dig with a war going on."


Skaggi "Troll's blood, what happened to you, Pavo?"
Pavo "The Forsworn have taken Kolskeggr Mine. We're the only ones left."
Skaggi "Gods....You head inside and get some rest. I'll send word to the Jarl."