"To fell those orcs, I merely whispered to the spirits of the air, Amaro, Pina, Tallatha, the fingers of Kynareth, and the breath of the world, with whom I have an intimate acquaintance"
Mynista Skeffington[src]

The Skeffington Coven was a collection of Witches known to have existed in High Rock.

First known to have existed in the First Era,[1] they were led at this time by Mynista Skeffington, presumably its namesake. They existed at one point at Old Barbyn's Farm.[1]

They are known to have still existed at least until the Third Era. One of the Blades agents present in the region at the time, known only as "Graylady", was posing as a witch in this coven at the time of the Warp in the West.[2]