"If he just wanted to get drunk and swap histories, we could have done that in front of a nice fire back in Windhelm, instead of on this godforsaken mud flat."
Advard on Skeggr[src]

Skeggr, along with Advard, is one of two dead fishermen found as skeletons in a wrecked ship.


Skeggr can be found underwater just northwest of the Wreck of the Winter War. When approached, the Dragonborn will be attacked by around eight slaughterfish. Their boat will be upside-down in the water, and below it there will there be a lantern, a knapsack with random clothes and loot, a couple of tankards and a leveled war axe. Their skeletons will slowly drift northeast towards the sea.


  • The camp they were using can be found west near the boat. There is significant food and loot to be found here.