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Skeletal Dragon

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Skeletal Dragon
Skeletal dragon
Basic Info
Level 20
Health-icon 721
MagickaIcon 50
Stamina 114
Spells/Abilities Fire Breath, Frost Breath, Unrelenting Force
Ref ID 00083588
Base ID 0009192C

Skeletal Dragons are necrotic dragons in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Skeletal dragons are, as the name suggests, composed of skinless bones.


Unlike most dragons, who possess a body with pure skin, muscle and flesh, these dragons are purely bone, with no muscle mass, or flesh at all.

They appear to be the remains of a Brown Dragon, as the skeletal structure supports it.


In gameplay, this dragon is permanently grounded due to a lack of usable wings. This makes pelting it with arrows an easy, and efficient task for ending this undead beast. This fight is not much different, or difficult than a regular Brown Dragon, and given the right weapons and abilities, it can be over quite quickly, as the health pool of this specific beast is lower than other dragon types.


A rather resilient skeletal dragon appears in the College of Winterhold quest The Staff of Magnus, serving as the guardian of Labyrinthian. It appears in a very large room with four to eight skeletons and uses the Fire and Frost Breath shouts. The skeletal dragon does not have a dragon soul or dragon scales (including dragon heartscales), but will drop up to six dragon bones; aside from Paarthurnax, this is the only dragon that drops this many bones at one time.



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