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Skeletal Dragons are necromantic dragons in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Skeletal dragons are, as the name suggests, composed of skinless bones.


Unlike most dragons, who possess a body with pure skin, muscle and flesh, these dragons are purely bone, with no muscle mass, or flesh at all.


In gameplay, this dragon is permanently grounded due to a lack of usable wings. This is proven by the creation kit that has a script which prevents the dragon from flying. This makes pelting it with arrows an easy, and efficient task for ending this undead beast. This fight is not much different, or difficult than a regular Brown Dragon, and given the right weapons and abilities, it can be over quite quickly, as the health pool of this specific beast is lower than other dragon types.


A rather resilient skeletal dragon appears in the College of Winterhold quest The Staff of Magnus, serving as the guardian of Labyrinthian. It appears in a very large room with four to eight skeletons and uses the Fire and Frost Breath shouts. The skeletal dragon does not have a dragon soul or dragon scales (including dragon heartscales), but will drop up to six dragon bones; aside from Paarthurnax, this is the only dragon that drops this many bones at one time.




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