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Skills in An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire determine the effectiveness of the player's actions. Battlespire offers eighteen skills, each with corresponding attributes. During character creation, build points can be spent on skills to increase their effectiveness.


Skill Description Attribute
Alteration, School of Magic Willpower
Axe Strength
Backstabbing Agility
Blunt Weapon Strength
Critical Strike Agility
Destruction, School of Magic Willpower
Dodging Speed
Hand-to-Hand Agility
Illusion, School of Magic Willpower
Jumping Strength
Long Blade Strength
Missile Weapon Agility
Mysticism, School of Magic Willpower
Restoration, School of Magic Willpower
Short Blade Strength
Stealth Agility
Swimming Endurance
Thaumaturgy, School of Magic Willpower

Racial skill bonusesEdit

Altmer Bosmer Breton Dunmer Nord Redguard
Alteration +5 +5 +10
Axe +10 +5
Blunt Weapon +10 +5
Critical Strike +10 +5
Destruction +10 +5
Dodging +15
Illusion +5 +10 +5
Jumping +15
Long Blade +10 +5 +10
Missile Weapon +15 +5 +10
Mysticism +5 +10 +5
Restoration +5 +5 +10
Short Blade +10 +10
Thaumaturgy +5 +5 +10

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