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Skingrad also known as the Gem of Old Colovia[1] is a city located along the Gold Road in the great plains of the West Weald. One of Skingrad's most prominent citizens was King Rislav Larich otherwise known as Rislav the Righteous.


The city is considered one of the most cleanest, safest, prosperous cities in all of Cyrodiil. It models the Colovian virtues of independence, hardwork, and tough-mindedness.[1]


Skingrad is similiar to the city of Bravil in that there is large divide in the middle of the city. The gold road is located within the divide with two paths leading into the city. The city is divided into two. The northern side is where the town square, guilds, inn, and craftsmen are located. There is also some small housing in this area unlike the southern side, where it consist of mostly residential houses and the chapel. There is a gate on the northern side that leads to Castle Skingrad which is left alone from the rest of the city.

Known DishesEdit

  • Surilie Brothers Wine - Vintage wine made by the Surilie Brothers.
  • Skingrad Cabbage Soup - Made with Greens and Seasoning.[2]


First EraEdit

The year 1E 448, the righteous hero Rislav Larich was born to Queen Lynada and King Mhorus as the youngest sibling of three boys and four girls. Sometime later, both Skingrad and Kvatch were considered great rivals. In 1E 472, the conflict between the two nations ended with the marriage between Rislav and Belene of Kvatch. A few years later in 1E 478, a plague hit the city of Skingrad killing many including members of the royal family. The only two remaining were, Rislav and his brother Dorald Larich. Dorald returned to Skingrad from the Imperial City and became king of Skingrad. His first edict was to bring the city of Skingrad to the Alessian Empire, with which Rislav disagreed. This resulted in a deal between Rislav and Dorald which ended with Rislav taking the position of king. Skingrad under Rislav faced the Alessian Army in numbers and in multiple battles. After joining Kvatch and the kings of Western Colovia, Skingrad was able to defeat the Alessian Hegemony.[3]

Second EraEdit

Emperor Brazollus Dor had an estate in the city of Skingrad where he spent most of his time at rather than ruling the Empire. His Potentate, Sidri-Ashak took over as the ruler whenever Dor wasn't around.[4]

During the Alliance War, the Count of Skingrad decreed that Legion of the West Weald was given the honor of annexing the South Weald of the Colovian Estates.[5]

Third EraEdit

Main article: Skingrad (Oblivion)

Another of Skingrad's most prominent citizens was the Great Alchemist Sinderion, who was known to study the rare root known as Nirnroot. His research eventually found him underneath the Skyrim surface in Blackreach. From there he studied the Crimson Nirnroot until his demise. His apprentice, Avrusa Sarethi, took over in his research.[6][7]

During the Oblivion Crisis, Skingrad allied itself along with the other cities in Cyrodiil to fight the Daedric forces at the Siege of Bruma.

Fourth EraEdit

Around the time the floating city of Umbriel appeared out of the blue, a rebel faction known as the Natives was spotted in County Skingrad.[OOG 1]

During the Great War, General Jonna fought a gruesome resistance force of Lord Naarifin from the directions of Skingrad and Bravil. Luckily, the legion managed to hold their own against the Altmer. Eventually, Naarifin's forces were surrounded at the Imperial City.[8]

By GameEdit



Notice: The following are out-of-game references. They are not found in any in-game books, but can still be considered part of The Elder Scrolls lore and are included for completeness.
  1. Infernal City Lore Notes

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