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Race Nord, Werewolf
Gender Male
Level PCx1 (10-50)
Class Warrior
Faction The Companions

The Circle

Rank High-ranking member
Essential Yes
Ref ID 0001A691
Base ID 0001A690
"You still need to prove yourself, whelp."

Skjor is a Nordic member of the Companions and one of The Circle as well as a Werewolf. It is assumed that Skjor is one of the highest ranked members of The Circle, quite possibly next to Kodlak Whitemane, as mentioned off-handedly by Aela the Huntress and several other Companions.

He carries a Skyforge Steel Sword and is equipped with Wolf Armor.


Before becoming a Companion, he fought in the Great War against the Third Aldmeri Dominion before becoming critically injured in the fighting. After he recovered from his injuries he became a sellsword for hire across Skyrim. He eventually joined the Companions.



Proving HonorEdit

During the Dragonborn's induction into the Companions, Skjor sends the Dragonborn to Dustman's Cairn with Farkas to recover a fragment of Wuuthrad.

The Silver HandEdit

During the Proving Honor quest, the Dragonborn learns Skjor and the other members of the Circle are werewolves. Shortly after their initiation into the Circle, Skjor helps the Dragonborn become a werewolf as well. However, he is killed by the Silver Hand when he ventures into one of their strongholds to scout it out for the Dragonborn and Aela.

Quotes Edit

  • "You still need to prove yourself, whelp."
  • "Are you looking for help with something? This is a busy time."
  • "This had better be important."
  • "I can't keep helping you with everything."
  • "What now?"


  • According to Aela, he is the one of the strongest members of The Circle.
  • Skjor gets killed by Krev the Skinner during the quest, The Silver Hand.  
  • Skjor, Kodlak, and Vilkas are the only Companions that wear wolf armor.
  • When the Dragonborn becomes Harbinger of the Companions, there is a chance that Skjor will be seen walking around Jorrvaskr. There are two version of this glitch- one where he follows the Dragonborn with his sword drawn and constantly initiates conversation, much like Aela the Huntress and Vilkas. In the other version, he simply says generic dialogue lines.
  • If Ria is asked why she joined the Companions, she replies by asking if the Dragonborn has heard the story of Kodlak and Skjor fighting one-hundred and one orc berserkers, implying that he may have been the strongest Companion behind Kodlak. 
  • In the Official Game Guide, his name is said to be "Skjor the Scarred".
  • Even after the Dragonborn has joined the Circle, Skjor will still refer to the Dragonborn as a "whelp".
  • Overhearing a conversation between Aela the Huntress and Njada Stonearm will reveal a possible rumor of a romantic interest between Skjor and Aela, although Aela quickly claims this to be false.



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