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Not to be confused with Skjorta.
"You still need to prove yourself, whelp."

Skjor is a Nordic member of the Companions and one of The Circle as well as a Werewolf. According to dialogue between various Companions, Skjor is one of the highest-ranked members of The Circle, quite possibly next to Kodlak Whitemane.

He carries a Skyforge Steel Sword and is equipped with Wolf Armor.


Before becoming a Companion, he fought in the Great War against the Third Aldmeri Dominion before becoming critically injured in the fighting. After he recovered from his injuries, he became a sellsword for hire across Skyrim, and eventually joined the Companions.



Proving Honor

During the Dragonborn's induction into the Companions, Skjor sends the Dragonborn to Dustman's Cairn with Farkas to recover a fragment of Wuuthrad.

The Silver Hand

During the Proving Honor quest, the Dragonborn learns Skjor and the other members of the Circle are werewolves. Shortly after their initiation into the Circle, Skjor helps the Dragonborn become a werewolf as well. However, he is killed by the Silver Hand when he ventures into one of their strongholds to scout it out for the Dragonborn and Aela.


Taking the mantle

Kodlak: "Tradition is very important to me, son."
Skjor: "To me as well. I think we don't see the same tradition at play here."
Kodlak: "If you want to lead this pack when I'm gone, you have to see farther. Look closer."
Skjor: "Well which is it? Look farther or closer?"
Kodlak: "Come on now, boy, you know what I meant..."
Skjor: "You speak in riddles sometimes."
Kodlak: "I don't mean to confuse you."
Skjor: "It's not confusing... just frustrating."
Kodlak: "You're a strong warrior, Skjor. Your heart is fiery and that serves you well in battle."
Skjor: "Thank you, Harbinger."
Kodlak: "But even the bravest of men consider their actions. I want you to survive long enough to take the mantle."
Skjor: "Don't worry about me."

Standing ground

Skjor: "Heard you had a bit of trouble near Solitude last week."
Njada: "Just those same ruffians I was bringing in for the Shatter-Shields. So much wasted breath in that crew."
Skjor: "I'm imagining you just standing your ground and letting them tire themselves out."
Njada: "I'm telling you, it works. Let them ring their own ears on my shield, then scoop them up off the ground."
Skjor: "We all have different means to glory, Stonearm. Well done."

Bad grip

Skjor: "I've got a bad grip on my shield, could you take a look at it?"
Njada: "I'm a warrior, not a blacksmith."
Skjor: "Can't you just tell me if the grip is bad?"
Njada: "If Eorlund made it, it's more likely you're gripping it wrong. Find me tomorrow and we can go over it."

Foolish younglings

Skjor: "All these younglings scampering around."
Aela: "Worried one of them is going to take your place?"
Skjor: "Some of them might try. But that's not what I'm worried about."
Aela: "What then?"
Skjor: "That they might get themselves killed."
Aela: "By you?"
Skjor: "They should be so lucky."

Tonight's hunt

Skjor: "Are you prepared for tonight's hunt?"
Aela: "I've been thinking we need to be more... discreet."
Skjor: "There's nothing wrong with what we're doing."
Aela: "You know the old man doesn't like it. Let's just not be too obvious."


  • "You still need to prove yourself, whelp."
  • "Are you looking for help with something? This is a busy time."
  • "This had better be important."
  • "I can't keep helping you with everything."
  • "What now?"


  • According to Aela, he is the one of the strongest members of The Circle.
  • Skjor gets killed by Krev the Skinner during the quest The Silver Hand.  
  • Skjor, Kodlak, and Vilkas are the only members of The Circle that wear Wolf Armor.
  • If Ria is asked why she joined the Companions, she replies by asking if the Dragonborn has heard the story of Kodlak and Skjor fighting one-hundred and one orc berserkers, implying that he may have been the strongest Companion behind Kodlak. 
  • In the Official Game Guide, his name is said to be "Skjor the Scarred."
  • Even after the Dragonborn has joined the Circle, Skjor will still refer to the Dragonborn as a "whelp."
  • Overhearing a conversation between Aela the Huntress and Njada Stonearm will reveal a possible rumor of a romantic interest between Skjor and Aela, although Aela quickly claims this to be false.
  • After completing the first job from Farkas and then asking for more work, Farkas tells the player that Skjor was looking for them earlier and not to make him wait, as "I don't like making him angry."


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