"Watch your tongue, stranger. We don't take backtalk in this inn."

Skuli is a Nord boy living in The Reach in the Old Hroldan Inn, located east of Markarth. He is the son of Eydis, the owner of the inn, and his father was Firir. He is also one of only a few children shopkeepers.


  • "Watch your tongue, stranger. We don't take backtalk in this inn." – When told "You're rather...mature for your age."
  • "If you drink too much, you're out. No drunks."
  • "Changed the linens myself. They're fresh."


Where's papa?Edit

Skuli "Mama, where did papa go?"
Eydis "He's off fighting the war, dear. For the Stormcloaks."
Skuli "Last time you said he was fighting for the Empire."
Eydis "Yep. I'm sure he's doing well there."


  • Like many other young boys, if the Dragonborn casts a spell when Skuli is near, he will ask them if he can use their magic to turn him invisible.
  • If his mother and Leontius Salvius are killed he may be adopted by the Dragonborn with the Hearthfire DLC.
  • Sitting in a chair or at one of the benches in the Inn will cause his mother to yell at him, "Look alive, will you!" where he will reply "Yes mama!" and run over to the Dragonborn and initiate dialogue.


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