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Skull-Crusher is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The quest is the last of the Oracle's quests for the Imperial Cult. The quest involves tracking down another legendary magical item, the enchanted warhammer Skull Crusher.



The Oracle, Lalatia Varian, at Ebonheart's Imperial Cult chapel, has been granted a vision by the god Stendarr of the artifact Skull Crusher. She needs someone to solve the mystery of her vision and recover this enchanted warhammer. In her vision she was shown Hilbongard's forge at the heart of a Daedric ruin. She advises seeking out a Dunmer Savant and a Dunmer Scout to question them about the Halls of the Dead and sealed Daedric ruin.

Seek out Llaalam Dredil, a Dunmer Savant, next door within Ebonheart Grand Council Chamber. Speaking with him about the Halls of the Dead reveals that it may refer to a Dunmer ancestral tomb as it translates to 'cardruhn. Next, travel to Vivec, Hlaalu Canton and speak with Arvama Rathri within the Elven Nations Cornerclub, Hlaalu Plaza. She believes the sealed Daedric ruin may refer to Anudnabia, which lies near Sadrith Mora.

Use the guildguide's services in the Vivec Mage's Guild, travel to Wolverine Hall. From there travel north along the eastern coast of Sladrith Mora to reach the Daedric ruins of Anudnabia. Nothing marks these ruins as Anudnabia, as the doorway is blocked by collapsed stones. Directly to the east of the ruins across a narrow band of water lies the entrance to an ancestral tomb. Cross over the water to Omaren Ancestral Tomb.

Travel through the tomb to find a broken section of wall. The tunnel leads to a large cavern. On the northwestern side of the cavern, Daedric construction is visible. There are two levels; the door leading to Forgotten Vaults of Anudnabia, Forge of Hilbongard is on the top level. There is a chest on the bottom level which contains an Ancient daedric Key.

The Forgotten Vaults of Anudnabia, Forge of Hilbongard is a section of Daedric construction within a large cavern. The actual forge dominates the final chamber filling the center of the room. Magically floating in the middle of the forge is a chest (lock 80, trapped), which can be opened with the Ancient daedric Key. The warhammer Skull Crusher is inside.

Return to Lalatia Varian. She says that she can detect no evil curse on the weapon and that it is safe. She also provides an enchanted ring, Foe-Grinder, as a reward.


  • Skull Crusher - an enchanted warhammer
  • Foe-Grinder - an enchanted ring


Skull Crusher
The Oracle believes that I am fated to recover the ancient warhammer Skull Crusher. I must discover a sealed Daedric ruin that may be accessed only through the Halls of the Dead. To help me solve the puzzle of this prophecy, the Oracle told me to consult a Dunmer scout and a Dunmer savant. Her vision suggests I must face restless spirits and powerful Daedra to recover the warhammer. If I find Skull Crusher, I must return it to the Oracle so she may free it of its creators' curse.
  • Quest accepted
A Dunmer scout told me that the sealed Daedric ruin I seek may well be Anudnabia, a ruin near Sadrith Mora. The lower halls of Anudnubia have been inaccessible since the First Era. And several other Daedric ruins are known to have within their chambers glowing pools of molten stone. Such pools might have fueled the forge of a master weaponmaker and his enchanter.
A Dunmer savant told me that 'Halls of the Dead' might refer to any Dunmer ancestral tomb. The ancient Dunmer word for ancestral tomb is 'cardruhn'. 'Ruhn' translates as 'home' or 'hearth-hall'. 'Card' means 'undeparted kin-wardens'. Then to find access to Skull Crusher in its sealed Daedric ruin, I must search for ancestral tombs near the ruin. Perhaps there is an underground passage between a tomb and the sealed Daedric ruin?
The Oracle says she can detect no evil curse upon Skull Crusher. She assured me it is safe, and gave me a special blessing so I might dedicate myself further to the service of the Nine. She has no more quests for me, but she will send word for me through others of high rank in the cult if she needs my help again.
  • Quest completed