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Skulls are cranial bones that protect the brains of men and mer. Skeletons have bare skulls.


In The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, skulls primarily serve as decorations for houses, potion shops, and Mages guilds. Several can be found in the lairs of necromancers. The Skull is used mainly for decoration and poses no tactical advantage to the player, where other bones are found.

Giant versionEdit

A giant version of the skull can be found in Fort Redman. This is a unique item that is approximately three times larger than a regular skull. To collect the skull, no other skulls must be in the inventory, because, if multiples are collected, the giant skull reverts to a normal skull.

Cultural usersEdit

Skulls are essential for constructing the effigy of the Black Sacrament, along with a Human Heart and other bones. The ritual is used to pray to the Night Mother, in hopes that one of her children will satisfy a murder contract.[1]


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