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Skull of Corruption (Oblivion)

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For other uses, see Skull of Corruption.
"The world will be better off with this foul thing gone from it."
―Martin Septim.[src]

The Skull of Corruption is a staff that is a Daedric Artifact of the Prince of Dreams, Vaermina, and creates a double of the target. This "corrupted double" then attacks the opponent. The corrupted double remains active only for about 20–30 seconds.

The Skull of Corruption can be recharged like any normal staff via soul gems.

Related questsEdit


The staff is a reward for the completion of this quest.

Blood of the DaedraEdit

The staff can be given to Martin Septim in order to open the portal to Oblivion.

Unaffected targetsEdit



  • Nearby guards will attack the corrupted and uncorrupted character.


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