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This section contains bugs related to Bugs (Skyrim). Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

  1. Confirm all bugs with other editors on the talk page before adding them below.
  2. Always try reloading an old save first, before asking for assistance.
  3. Do not discuss possible bug fixes or origins. Leave those and all other first-person-anecdotes on the talk page, not the article.
  4. Always add  360  ,  PS3  , and  PC   to clarify which system the bug appears on.

Bugs and Glitches

This is for bugs that are general in nature. They affect the entire game, not just individual items/places, and thus have no other place to go. By default, bug reports go to the articles on items on which or for places for which they occur. Only reports that are confirmed to affect the entire game go here. Just to reiterate from the bugs template above:

  • Only confirmed bug reports (meaning that at least two separate people have seen the same bug). Confirmation must occur on the talk page.
  • PC players must remove all game modifications before confirming a bug.

Note: This page is in the process of being cleaned up, which will take a while. Until that is complete, there are numerous bug reports here that belong elsewhere.

Minor Bugs

This section is for bugs which have little effect on gameplay or have a small effect on side quest progression.

  •  PC   360   PS3  If an NPC is talking to the Dragonborn, even in passing, entering of exiting through a door will cause the NPC to follow through the door and appear at the Dragonborn's side.
  • Random Inventory Jumping  360  : When depositing items from inventory into a container, or selling to a merchant, the menu is inconsistent in what happens once afterwards. Sometimes the above item is selected, other times the item below is selected. This can even occur when attempting to deposit small numbers of stacked items, ie. selling 5 apples individually may result in the menu jumping to the item above once the first two have been sold which makes the wrong item being sold or deposited.
  •  360   Sometimes a new Stormcloak camp in between Pelagia Farm and Honningbrew Meadery can be found. If the questline of the Imperial side is completed, the camp will be empty, except for one Stormcloak soldier, who is friendly regardless of the chosen side. The soldier just stands there, bent over a map saying generic dialogue lines. It may be a leftover of the Battle for Whiterun.
  •  360   Draugr spawning in the house:Sometimes, a bug can occur in which the two dead draugr spawn along with the player when they fast travel to any location. The corpse are usually found underneath the player's horse.
  •  360   PS3  Dropping Items: Sometimes, certain items dropped will return to where they were dropped from the inventory after saving and loading a game, even if they have been moved them elsewhere.


This section is for bugs which only affect the game visually and are not severe enough to be disruptive.

  •  360   Occasionally, the textures for certain armor pieces won't load properly, making the armor look dull and plastic-like.
    • This can be resolved by going to another location or unequipping the item, closing inventory, opening it, then equipping it again.
  •  PS3   When looking at a dungeon entrance in the game and the white writing is on screen (for example, "To White River Watch"), instead of entering, if a previous save is loaded while the white writing is on screen, the writing will be there when the game resuymes from the previous save, and will not go away even when entering a cave, house or any other load screen.
    • This can only be fixed by completely restarting the game (quitting the game via the PS button and then restarting it).
  •  PC   360   PS3 When smithing, the piece of metal is held with the red hot end pointing in the wrong direction and the metal becomes stuck to the Dragonborn's arm until blacksmithing is done.
  •  PC   360   PS3 Shadow flickers may occur from the movement of the day/night cycle creating a flashing strobe effect.
  •  360  Nirnroot light not fading away: Since one of the patches, every time a Nirnroot is picked up, the light around it doesn't fade away.
  • Environment: In the Riften Prison the wall disappears incredibly often.

Bugs to be moved

  • Nightingale: After finishing the thieves guild quest, when returning to the Twilight Sepulcher Inner Sanctuary after completing the Dark Brotherhood quest line, there is no longer a way to change the Nightingale ability. The room is completely different and only the one pad is still there.
    • Fix: Stepping on the pad, waiting 24 hours in the room, then stepping on the pad again.


  • Quest: Blood in the Snow: After finding both journal entries and investigating the house during "Blood in the Snow", you may be unable to talk to the Jarl's assistant, despite the quest description directing you to him.
  • Quest; Blindsighted: In the thieves guild quest Blindsighted the cutscene with Mercer always makes him get stuck on a rock or something and the movie clip will never end. Another bug related to this quest is one in which upon leaving the dwarven ruins completely and returning, neither Nightingales are there. No fix found and although you may continue the quest, I'm unsure if they will teleport to you.
    • After defeating Mercer and the room fills with water Karliah will walk around under water before disappearing into the ceiling, making the quest uncompletable.(360)
  • Quest; Under Saarthal: In the Under Saarthal quest, Collect the four artifacts able to collect the first 2 but gate is up preventing from picking up the other two including the necklace that allows the gate to be moved. (PS3/PC).
  • Quest Items: Sometimes Quest Items can be dropped and can be lost forever. (360, PS3)
  • Quest: House of Horrors: - On entering the Abandoned House for the quest, the Justicar does nothing, in order to continue the mission you must kill him, after continuing to the Daedric altar and after the ensuing dialog, you are unable to leave the house. (Confirmed on Xbox 360)
  • Quest; Reveal the Unseen: Dwarven Armillary Quest Orb cannot be expanded/shrunk with Frostbite or Flames. People have to revert back to a previous save game before placing the orb in the armillary before continuing. (Confirmed on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3)
  • Dual Wield: Improved weapons of the same variety (i.e. Orcish Sword Superior, Fine Steel War Axe) cannot be dual wielded through hotkeys or on the favorites menu. They will also unbind the key. (Confirmed on Xbox 360 and PC)
  • Quest/NPC/Riften: After placing the ring in pocket successfully unable to speak with Brynjolf in Red Flaggon successfully to join the thieves guild. The game continues as if he is still giving his speech in the marketplace. This also means no traders in the marketplace can be traded with as all act as if not at their stall. [This is caused by starting the quest at night, it allows you to complete but Brynjolf doesn't move on talk:Bugs] (Xbox 360 and PC)
  • After completing the initiation to the thieves guild and having to meet Brynjolf in the pub in the ratways, he does not seem to want to leave the marketplace. After reloading an autosave several times I managed to get him to go to the pub. Once there I only had the dialogue option to ask where the ratways were even though I'd obviously just been through them to get to the pub. I managed to force the right dialogue by repeatedly spamming him with dialogue. The next mission for him them, collecting the gold from people in the city went okay only to return to him still causing a diversion. Talking to him to does force the correct dialogue options and also the reward but when asked to follow him to meet someone (leader or something) he just stands there causing a diversion and when activated he just says "nearly there" or something like that. Very frustrating to be honest. . .
  • Animation?: If you jump into water with a horse the horse will swim, if you get off and get on the horse again then you will ride as you do on land. (please improve this)
  • Quest; The Way of the Voice: After you've been told to use your shout ability by Arngeir, the objective "Speak to Arngeir" remains uncompleted (PS3, PC, 360).
  • Quest; The way of the voice: After you learn the word of power form Einarh, you're supposed to shout at the "targets". But when the Greybeards summon a "target", there is a summoning animation, but the "target" does not appear making it impossible to complete the mission. This reoccurs with several shouts from the Greybeards. (Xbox 360, PS3) (Unconfirmed: PC)
  • Quest Item: When quests begin and there are quest specific items such as the litter around Diabellas chapel in "A Night to Remember" you cannot drop these items until the quest has ended. For example, the priestess asks you to pick up your mess, if you bribe her instead of cleaning, you can still pick up the items however those items will be considered 'quest' items until the ENTIRE quest line is completed, not just that section. Confirmed 360.
  • Quest; Glory of the Dead: During mission, game gets stuck if Euorland doesn't attend the funeral and therefore cannot re-make the companions weapon.
  • Quest; The Forsworn Conspiracy: During the quest, if you restart due to a fail and do not read the note to find "N" before you kill Nepos, you will return to The Talos to find the quest giver to have died and nobody will pin the crime on you or anything, leaving the quest unfinishable.
  • Item/Object Interaction: For some reason at some point you can't interact with objects anymore ( arcane enchanter, alchemy labs, mine ores, chairs etc.). When you click "use" your character only briefly freezes and after that nothing happens. (PC, Confirmed PS3). Unknown for now if this is a permanent thing, or if the glitch will 'wear off' on its own. Makes completing the early smithing quests in whiterun immpossible.
  • Marriage; Lydia: For some reason you can't marry Lydia' even when you have the Amulet of Mara. And it has been confirmed on the Skyrim marriage guide that you can marry her. Website - (PC/Xbox360/PS3)
  • Skilltree: Skills will be shown in red on the skills screen and will be shown as being lower than what they actually are, even when not currently afflicted with any debuffs (confirmed on active effects screen) (PC/PS3/XBOX360)
    • Can be fixed with the player.modav console command. Add one point then remove the point and it will restore your original value (PC)
  • Missing Animation: Not really a bug but when sheathing dual weapons the second weapon just disappears (i.e. Sword, War Axe). Animation for 2 sheathed weapons (either side) when dual wielding needed. (PC/Xbox360)
  • Enchanting/Values: As you improve your enchantment skill, the value of the same item with the same soul & enchantment goes down rather than up. (work around Xbox 360, drop the item, and pick it back up, try it again.)
  • NPC, Shadowmere: If Shadowmere is knocked down in water, he will not come back at a later time, or ever. (confirmed PS3,360)
  • When a Giant attacks, pounding the ground, you are sometimes likely to shoot across the map, this glitch is also applicable to other monsters including dragons. (360)
  • When talking to Paarthunax on top of The Throat of the world, he may sometimes launch into the sky spinning, causing conversation to be impossible. (360)
  • Quest; A Cornered Rat: During the quest, the sound of the dialogue while talking to Esbern does not play and the door to his hideout cannot be opened, making the quest unfinishable. On PC platform, you can enter the Console (default key is the top left key, just under esc.) and write "tcl" to toggle collision off, enter the room and then toggle collision on again with "tcl".
    • I was able to make the door open on the PC version by trying a few times and then zoning back out to the previous area and back in immediately. the door to his room was open when I returned. The speech sound bug persists though.
    • Sometimes Esbern just stands in his room by the chest, refusing to move. You have to press "E" a few times quickly, and then you will be able to speak with him, asking him, if he knows a way out.
    • Method 3: finish dialogue, go back to the rat cavern, enter the door, then go back. by then it should have opened.
  • Zoning/Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary: Sometimes when zoning into the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary character will continue to rezone randomly inside the Sanctuary, Re-zoning fixes this. Sometimes zoning animation happens more frequently after each initial rezone caused by the bug. (PC, 360,PS3 unconfirmed)
  • Camera?: 1st person camera bounces off NPC's when face-to-face or preforming and close up attack. Example: 1st person crosshair when on the environment acts normally however when moving the camera to have crosshair on npc the cross hair bounces off when it hits the body.
  • Graphical/Item Model Error: When wearing the Dragonplate Helmet (Legendary quality) as Nord female, the hair can be seen through the helmet model. It is uncertain if this applies for the normal version or other races/males as well (PC). This does not happen with male (Nord) characters (360). Hair can be seen through hoods in multiple places. (Tested on male Breton. Doesn't occur when using the shortest hairstyles available. PC)
  • Alduin/NPC/Broken Quest: After you kill Alduin, Paarthurnax becomes unkillable, making The Blades' quest Paarthurnax unbeatable, but this allows you to train any target based skill forever, as he will not fight back. (Confirmed)
  • Companion Inventory Bug: Upon entering combat, companions/followers revert back to using their default weapon/armor with better equipment in their possession, this happens if you dismiss them and rejoin later; may be resolved by trading any item with them. (PC, Xbox360)
    • This also happens whenever you take companion with you, edit their inventory (giving them new/better gear), then tell them to part ways. The next time you see them they have their original gear on. As stated above, easily fixed by editing their inventory again, though it is somewhat annoying at times being a time-consuming process.
  • Shroud Hearth/Sapphire Claw: The door that is opened using the Sapphire Claw will not open, even with the correct combination. Instead, one or two of the dart traps go off. (Xbox360)
  • Shroud Hearth/Wyndelius's Journal: The journal required to get the Sapphire Claw does not appear on the desk inside Wyndelius's room.
  • Graphical/Stuck Arrows: A constant reoccurring problem seems to be when you're shot by an arrow or any form of magic that causes something to "stick" to you, the item won't go away. (the arrow stays in you forever) but can sometimes be solved by getting shot by an arrow, causing them both to disappear. Solution confirmed 360. Also it seems to fix itself as you continue playing. Ice spears that are stuck in you can be fixed by using Beast Form. (PC)
    • An arrow stuck in your body has actually been added to your inventory. In order to get it unstuck, drop all of your arrows into a container. The arrow will no longer be stuck in your body, even after you retrieve your arrows from the container. (not always the case on the PS3, quite a few times i have had an arrow stuck in me and even after dropping all arrows of every type from my inventory it still sticks there, tends to go away after i reload a save then sleep.)
  • House Upgrades: After purchasing the bedroom upgrade for your the House of Whiterun, they [?] no longer sort alphabetically, instead sorting by either weight or random. more specific please.
  • Remapping Keys: Remapping left mouse "M1" to something else is impossible because as soon as you assign it, it triggers a left click therefore requiring you again to enter a new key. (PC)
    • By default, left mouse button is assigned to right hand and right mouse button is assigned to left hand. how is this a bug? (PC)
  • Remapping Keys: Each time the game restarts, all changes you have made in control keys goes back to default. (PC)
    • Fix: Run as administrator.
  • Lock Bug: Volunruud cannot open locked door even when the two weapon keys are obtained
  • Character Creation: when you first choose your race and appearance, left clicking your 3d image to rotate it will disable the left click for any other actions such as changing parameters.
    Can be fixed by changing the editing tab section. (PC)
  • 'Physics: Dropping items will sometimes damage yourself if the object physics touches you. This is not a bug, merely unlucky positioning of character. Happens rarely.
  • Equipping Spells: Impossible to unequip or change spells on the right hand. To fix it, one must equip a weapon to this hand. (PC)
  • Remapping keys: Remapping "Weapon Ready/Holster Key" ('R' by default) causes the 'Drop Equipment' key in the inventory menu to also be remapped, even though it says to press 'R' to Drop. Interestingly, the 'Store Equipment' key when inspecting chests (also 'R' by default) isn't erroneously remapped. Similarly, remapping 'F', the switch viewpoint key, breaks the Favorite/Unfavorite function which is also using the 'F' key.(PC)
  • Quest, Attack on Whiterun: When attacking Whiterun during the "Attack on Whiterun" quest, with the Stormcloak. Galmar starts attacking you after you get inside the gates of Whiterun.(PS3)
  • Chest, storage, items: Not sure if this is a bug or just left out, but chests and storage containers do not sort items at all. I.E. a Chest will not have the 'weapon' 'apparel' 'potions' sub category. Also the chest will not sort these items by alphabetical order either. It seems that it sorts them by the order you place them in the chest, Makes it very time consuming to hunt down a particular item in the chest.
  • Minimizing: After the game has been minimized, it is impossible to go back.(PC)
    • It is possible, after using Alt+Tab the screen will be black, use Alt+Tab into the game again and it will enter, just remember you have to do it twice and it will work. (This fix doesn't work for everybody.)
      • Tested to work with just one user: With Skyrim as the focused program, bringing up the start menu through the Windows key and then pressing the left mouse button (the pointer seems to be stuck in the middle of the Skyrim window) would work.
      • Alt tab did not work for this user; found a fix using Task Manager (By means of ctrl-alt-del or ctrl-shift-esc) -- In the applications tab, instead of highlighting "Skyrim" and clicking "End task", simply double click "Skyrim" to properly move focus to it.
      • Opening up In-game Steam interface (by default pressing shift+tab) always allows the player to reach desktop with alt+tab function. Focusing Skyrim in taskbar by clicking (or switching with alt+tab to) it, and then bringing up task manager (likely by pressing ctrl+shift+esc), and then simply pressing esc (likely again) to close the manager, always allows player to get back in game. Skyrim will be focused and after a few seconds game will be ready to play as it should be (in-game steam interface might still be open). Mind that this solution sometimes ends up with windows cursor moving in the game. if this happens, simply open up in-game steam interface and close it again. Windows cursor will be gone. (Also worth mentioning: Some 4gb ram patches which can easily be found on modding websites, speeds up all this processes)
      • This user found that the game wouldn't maximize by using ALT + Tab once but that after selecting the game with ALT + Tab, the use would have to select the game again with ALT + Tab cycling through all the other programs. So selecting it twice in a row with ALT + Tab worked.
      • Would be helpful to list which OS has the problem, using Win7 and alt+tab works fine for me.
      • With 2 monitors on Windows 7 x64 clicking on anything on the 2ed monitor then clicking back in Skyrim works.
  • NPC dialogues: Multiple NPC can talk to you at the same time making it impossible to understand any conversation. Sometimes this will interrupt important quest conversations as well.
  • Enemy Spawning: Mammoths and goats floating on a tree, then falling down to the ground without dying.
  • Quest, name of the quest = Alduin's Bane: When using the Elder Scroll to go back in time and watch the fight with Alduin, the NPC's say "Alduin is coming, get ready!" or something along those lines, and only 2 stand ready, the younger male is further away looking at the distance and not coming to fight, Alduin will never come, re-loading the save and using the Elder Scroll again fixes it. (PC)
  • Quest, name of the quest = Alduin's Bane: Another bug in quest Alduin's Bane: After returning from your trip back in time, Alduin is waiting for you and ready to fight. However Alduin seems to be stuck in the air, looking like he is sitting atop an invisible mountain. The sky turns into the fire storm, but Alduin himself is docile. Casting Dragonrend captures Alduin (through a visible blue haze that surrounds him) and you can do damage when casting spells at him until he runs out of health, at which point he simply stays where he is and keeps looking at you. Paarthanax keeps circling Alduin and keeps fighting. The sky returns to normal and about once every two minutes returns to the firestorm in the sky.
  • Equipping Spells: You can't dual cast (at least from the favorites menu) by clicking on a spell, it will be either Left or nothing, the other mouse button won't do anything, to dualcast you have to number a spell, and then double clicking the number, but then it will be LR or just R, you can't un-equip a spell except by overwriting it with a weapon. (PC)
    • This may not be a bug - I can in fact assign spells to the 2nd hand from the favorites menu but only if that hand doesn't already have a weapon (at least for me) (PC)
    • This is a well known glitch, to fix it one must over-ride the spell with a weapon to un-equip it.
  • NPC, follower: After a follower is ordered to take everything from a container, the items cannot be sold even if they are not stolen goods.(PC)
  • Quest, name of the quest = ?: Cursed ring of hircine go off after random transformation (PS3)
  • (PC/Xbox) Completing the quest Diplomatic Immunity does not always give you the quest A Cornered Rat, and there is no way to go back and pick it up. Causes the main questline to be unplayable, as this is a required quest. If you are on a PC, you can fix this using the console:
    • Go to Riften and wait right outside Esbern's hideout in the Ratway
      open the console
      Type "setstage MQ202 160"
      He will open his door, speak to him to advance the quest, eventually leading to escorting him to Riverwood. When he gets there, let him speak to Delphene. She will lead you back to her hideout and the quest scripts should activate on their own.
  • Character: Upon starting a new game and choosing to play as a Nord, the racial ability "resist frost +50%" does not activate and will not show up under 'active effects'. Battlecry will still appear as normal. (PS3)
Skyrim bug werewolf torch

A torch, stuck to a transformed player while jumping.

  • Werewolf: Sometimes when transforming into a werewolf, your currently equipped weapon will stay equipped onto you. Such as a Steel Sword will stay in your right hand and can be sheathed. The normal werewolf attack can still be used in the other hand with nothing in it. This also works with arrows, but not bows. Spells don't equip back onto you in werewolf form.
    • This also applies to torches which will center out on the bottom of your character (halfway into the ground). The torch will continue to work as indented, providing proper lightning.
  • Werewolf: Becoming a werewolf does not give you immunity to disease as stated. (PC)
  • Werewolf: Wearing Archmage's Robes after contracting lycanthropy will make it appear as you have no head underneath the hood. (PS3)
  • Werewolf: If you become a werewolf and then get the cure changing you back to normal, you still can't become a vampire because the werewolf perk giving you immunity too all disease is bugged. This isn't a bug, it's suppose to be like that. (Eglyntine 12:39, December 11, 2011 (UTC)  - I was able to change into a vampire right after I cured myself from Lycanthropy. I went straight from being cured to the vampire cave, was bit and 3 game days later I am a full on vampire. This worked for PC and Xbox)
  • Werewolf: Running animations may not let you use your leap power attack if the terrain changes (mostly bugged in dungeons) even trough you are not directly changing direction.
  • Physics: When a dragon is killed, its remaining skeleton is not a solid object. One can walk trough it.
  • Shouts, swimming: If you try to shout while swimming it will not work but as soon as you touch earth, your character will shout.
  • Horse, swimming: If you dismount your horse while in water and then try to mount it back, the horse will be walking on water.
  • NPC, selling: Sometimes, If you try to sell items to those random NPC hunters wandering in the wild, you will not receive the money even if they have plenty.
  • NPC, realism: Even if NPCs have witnessed a dragon being killed by you, they will still say random quotes such as "do dragons really exist?" .
  • NPC,Jarl of Markarth quests: The Jarl of Markarth offers no work or quests making it impossible to become thane or purchase a house in Markarth. (Solution: must be lvl 20, and have completed any bounty quests for the steward, to get the quests/topics involving house purchase. (PC)
  • NPC, Jarl of Dawnstar quests: The Jarl of Dawnstar offers quests and rewards you with gold when they are complete but no quest completed text comes up and the quests are still in the journal as not being complete meaning you cannot become Thane of Dawnstar. (PC, Xbox 360)
  • Quests: If you don't follow the expected path to get to a quest objective, the quest marker might not be refreshed until you have gotten to the objective. For example, lets say that you are on top of a tower and the only way out is by entering a door or by jumping down (while being ethereal), the programmers of Skyrim did not predict that one might jump down the tower so the quest marker will still be pointing to the door even if you are already down the tower. ( all platform, original release)
  • Quest items: Finn's Lute, Pantea's Flute and Rjorn's Drum are bugged as they aren't removed from the inventory once their quests are complete. If Finn's Lute is found before the quest is activated then you can still get the reward for recovering it but it isn't removed from the inventory and the quest is still in the Miscellaneous quest log thus being unfinishable. all the quests are found at the bard collage.(PS3, Xbox 360 & PC)
  • Animation: (PS3) Sometimes when you equip arrows and then you sell them to any vendor the arrows will still be equipped on your characters back. (Solution) This can be fixed by buying or looting the same sort of arrows back and then un-equip them before you sell them.
  • Realism: Campfires do not hurt you.
  • Physics(?): Sometimes, when picking up items off a table or shelf, all other items on that surface will immediately vanish.*If you are outside, raindrops fall through objects, like roofs etc.
  • (PC) If the player remaps the Sheathe function to a mouse shoulder button, menu functions that require the R key (dropping, crafting, etc.) become impossible.
  • (PC) If Use/Activate action is mapped to mouse key (M4 e.g.) then it's not possible to pickup books, notes and letters. If action is mapped to some other keyboard key picking up works fine.
  • (PC) Unable to unequip swap magic on right hand without dual wielding and removing weapons beforehand
  • (PC) Opening the Steam overlay in menus has a tendency to break the Tab key and act as if Shift is permanently pressed for the current play session, making certain menus impossible to close. (Fixable by pressing the corresponding stuck key once when back in-game.)
  • In Bleakfalls Burrow, sometimes the stones (bird, snake, whale) for the first lever puzzle won't turn, loading fixed once, but died, forgot to save, now even loading won't fix it. Exiting the cave and re-entering sometimes works to fix this.
  • One time, I must have spawned strangely because my companion Lydia appeared dead on the floor but I could speak to her and she would appear to be dragging along the floor when she followed me. But the glitch fixed itself when I fast-traveled.
  • (Xbox360) If Lydia dies before you marry someone, her body will arrive at the door during the wedding. The only solution I found was to drag Lydia's body downstairs and re-propose marriage.
  • (PC) Re-mapping directional keys off of WASD does not change directional keys in map view. However, directional keys in menus seem to work fine.
  • Swamp river water was missing halfway through the stream, but i still heard the water sound and i could swim in it.
  • After shooting my bow and arrows, When I went to go pick up my arrows on the ground it said I picked up an arrow but the arrow was still on the ground and couldn't be picked up again.
  • (PS3) My companion Lydia randomly disappeared while I was walking on a trail with no enemies nearby I fast traveled she wasn't there and never saw her again. (PS3/Xbox360) (Solution - this happened to me on Xbox360 and after fast-travelling back to Dragonsreach I found her sitting at the table in the main hall as if I'd dismissed her earlier; upon talking to her she just behaved as normal and followed me again without being instructed to!)*If Lydia dies her body will appear at your wedding ceremony and you'll fail attending to your wedding.
  • (PC) Early College of Winterhold quest in Saarthal crashes the game. Putting your game quality to Low should allow you to break the wall without crashing.
  • Sometimes, when using the Unrelenting Force shout, enemies can become stuck in the walls, where you will be unable to loot their bodies.
  • (PS3) When you equip armor on the mannequin in your house in Markarth it will turn invisible.
  • Just above the sightless pit is a mound for 4 skeletons where a book of oblivion can be found. after killing the skeletons the book can continuously be looted and sold for 50 septims each..
  • Occasionally some NPC's get wood stuck to their hands, Re-entering instances normally fixes this.
  • When mining certain ores (Orichalcum confirmed) the player will stop the animation and the vein will not be interactable. Only solution found is to load a previous save. (Just clicking activate once then waiting might fix this. Xbox 360) (Just equip the pickaxe and hit the vein. You get ore for every 3 hits. Vein depletes after 9 hits, like the animation, Confirmed on PC)
  • (PC) Player character's head mesh will become invisible (Note: found the cause, it's caused by wearing a helmet\facemask and wearing a robe with a cowl (particularly, the Arch Mage's Robes), neither loading a save (except before the glitch occurred), nor using something like sexchange will fix it, the only solution I've found is turning into a Werewolf, then waiting 1 hour and letting myself transform back, giving me a visible head mesh again. You can also change your race to your current race, which fixes it as well (Note 2: You can remove the face mask after using SetPlayerRace and your head will become visible again, but putting the mask back on will once again cause the glitch to re-occur).
  • (PC) In some areas (Volkskygge for example, in the Passages) there will be seemingly impassable terrain, but it's actually invisible spider webs, so you can just use a normal attack and the animation of a ripping web will go off, revealing the remaining webs.
  • You can receive free training from your companions. After paying for their training, look into their inventory and you can take your money back. Repeat as many times as you wish. you created your character with 1 or 2 white eyes and then become a vampire the eye(s) will glitch and become white with red fading in and out constantly.*The outside structure of Valthume doesn't appear fully. All that shows up is some hanging moss and a statue head.
  • Have found instances were bones in dungeons would float in mid air like when in Bleak Falls Barrow when the Injured Frostbite spider descends bones can be seen floating in midair.
  • (PC) When editing your enchantment level to a high number 200+. Enchanting an item at max enchantment stats will cause the item to have 0 charges when made but under certain circumstances the effects will still be applied as long as the game is not terminated. (e.g. Absorb health + Fire damage on a sword) Once the game is restarted the items will lose their charges and will not be rechargeable.
  • After finding the shout at Eldersblood Peak, game crashes after navigating to Magic on the main menu (X360)
  • When opening the game and after seeing the dragon emblem, the window suddenly disappears.
  • When talking to Vilkas of the Champions for the first time he will continue to talk to you endlessly forever. If you exit the dialogue he will just re-open it again. Very annoying. Very hard to escape from this endless loop.
  • When having placed a Dagger in a Dagger Rack display case in your bedroom in Windhelm, You can't pick the dagger back up, but you can keep placing more and more daggers, they will also show up visually inside the display case.
  • (PC) NPC's will hire thugs to kill you if you steal from them but will act cordial toward you if you talk to them later (even within the same day). (Confirmed with Silana Petreia)
  • When creating Daedric boots at the Atronach Forge it appears on the slab, but when picking it up the item vanishes and does not show in your inventory (tested 4 times).
  • Player's eyes glow blue, like the eyes of a draugr. Typing 'sexchange' in the console fixes the problem for a few seconds, then the eyes glow again. Not entirely sure what initiated the bug. For most people the Aura Whisper Shout initiates the bug, but some did not even have that shout when it appeared. Wearing a Dragon Priest mask is another source, removing the mask does not remove the effect.
  • How to fix this: In third person, open the console and enter "player.addspell 000f71d1". Close the console and notice a slight darkening around your character. Open the console again and enter "player.removespell 000f71d1". Close the console and your eyes should stop glowing.
  • Player's eyes glitch black: When using any using any form of invisibility (potions / spells) his eyes turn black. It happens every time the player goes invisible. That can only be fixed when using the console command sexchange.
  • Player's eyes turn black, all NPC's Eyes are missing: This happened only once for me, after starting the game and loading a save all characters eyes were missing and the ones of my own character were black (on every single savegame).
  • If you bring Lydia in to the College of Winterhold then ask her to leave you service, she will be attacked by any Mage within her sight, this can lead to Lydia not able to leave the College and be permanently trapped there (PS3/Xbox 360)
  • Houses: Placed items on tables and shelves are scattered about the floor upon reentering of the home. (PC, Xbox 360, PS3) (this is a very annoying bug as you can spend hours placing items as you want and then have it be ruined)
    • Also happens if loading a save from inside your house. [Xbox360]
  • Quest Trouble in Skyrim (Hag's End) If you picked up the quest trough "looking for work" from Vilkas from the companions the quest will tell you to hand in to Farkas after its completed. Farkas got the marker but won't accept hand in he says "ain't you doin' a job for Vilkas?" while Vilkas got no option to hand in quest.
  • (PS3) Quest Elder Knowledge If you kill Umana and Sulla before you hear them speak you will be unable to activate the dwarven mechanism therefore you will not be able to get into Blackreach to complete the quest.
  • (PC) Esbern can't speak in all scene. The only thing you can see is the subtitle of what he said, but it disappear so fast and make you unable to read it completely.
  • (PC/360) Several classes- Vampire - Thieves Guild Hood. If you become a vampire, the Thieves Guild Hood will cause a graphics glitch. A huge "bald spot" is shown on top of your characters head instead of the hood. This seems to no affect other pieces of headwear such as helmets. This is so far confirmed with a female Nord character. Also confirmed with many other characters, including dark elf males and Redwood males.
  • (PC) Can't begin 'A Night to Remember' because Sam Guevenne's drinking event doesn't go to the black out portion of the quest.
  • (PC) The Forsworn Conspiracy: After completing the quest you are still attacked by guards when you return to Markarth and they still attempt to imprison you.
  • (Xbox/PC/PS3 confirmed) After reaching a certain level (most likely 35+), the traders in Whiterun sell a strange chest like item named "Do Not Delete." The game's physics do not apply to the chest, thus allowing you to skip though large portions of dungeons if you place the box, jump on top, and then jump to a ledge, and pick the box back up. The chest costs anywhere between 150 gold and 400 gold (depending on speech skill, bartering skill, and where it is purchased from). The box can be purchased from any vendor (inside a store, not open air stalls) that has a MISC item menu.
  • -Also confirmed by myself, TheGamerTrainer and I'm level 43 and am currently in Warmaidens in Whiterun. I also have a video I made showing that it can be bought as well.
  • (PC) The Ancient Shrouded Mask item will not appear on your character if you are playing an Argonian or Khajiit. Your horns/frills will disappear and you will appear to be wearing nothing on your head, allowing you to equip another headwear over it.
  • Quest purity of revenge ; If you finish bloods honor and return to Jarvaskr with the misc quest find the helmet of windhelm the quest won't activate.
  • (PC) If you obtain any of the three items required by the Misc quest Wylandriah(the court wizard of Riften) gives before meeting her for the first time, then she will not give you the quest and the items will remain in your inventory permanently.
  • (PS3) On the "Find King Olaf's Verse" quest, if you enter the Dead Men's Respite with a follower, the programmed series of events does not occur. Taking the Ruby Dragonclaw is supposed to release 4 Dragurs and unlock the gate, but does not do so. This leaves you unable to complete the quest.
  • (Xbox 360) In Dead Men's Respite, the combination door requiring the Ruby Dragonclaw may not let you spin the rings. this leaves you unable to open the door and proceed any further in the dungeon.
  • (PC) Rebinding E as another use other than activate will cause you not to be able to pick up books
  • (PC, all?) If you sold the entire Thieves guild outfit without exchanging one of the pieces for an upgraded Thieves guild set piece, after the Thieves Guild Quest: Scoundrel's Folly Tonilia will forever after only present the speech dialogue option to upgrade a set piece. This means you cannot engage in conversation with Tonilia about picking up your Guild Leader Armor (a requirement to complete the Thieves Guild questline). She cannot be used as a fence after this point either. The only current fix is to revert to a previous save, so be warned. Hopefully Betheseda will note this and provide a dialogue option. This will also make it so that you cannot complete Tonilia's moon sugar quest as well.
  • (PC, all?) Thieves guild larceny quest bug. Unsure of root cause of this bug, but unable to turn in left eye of Falmer to Delvin after starting "A Darkness Returns: Pilgrim's Path" quest. Even after completing the Pilgrim's Path, Delvin does not provide a dialogue option to turn in the eye of Falmer. Only fix is to reload a save to just after picking up the eye of Falmer, and then to be sure to immediately turn in the eye before continuing the Thieves Guild quest line.
  • House: When saving in a fully upgraded player-owned home, loading the save causes all the upgrades to disappear. Simply re-loading the save fixes this. (Xbox 360)
  • Perk/Effect: Werewolf Cure Bug: After curing yourself of Lycanthropy by throwing a Glenmoril Coven Witch Head into the alter in Ysgramor and defeating your wolf spirit, you still will not be able to receive the "Rested", "Well Rested", or "Lover's Comfort" bonuses, and your "Days as a Werewolf" stat will continue to increase. NPCs in towns will also still comment on your appearance as if you were a werewolf. (PS3)(Xbox 360)(Confirmed)
  • Quest: Missing in Action. In speaking with Avulstein, there is a peaceful option in which the player is sent to Northwatch and instructed to find a way to free Thorald, but will be failed if the player attempts to sneak in or attacks the guards. The intent is to find a 'diplomatic' solution to the quest, but no quest markers are given as to where to go, and the quest marker simply remains upon Northwatch Keep. The likely place the quest is supposed to send you is the Thalmaor Headquarters in Solitude, but, perhaps related as a bug, the Thalmor Headquarters is always empty and contains no NPCs.
  • NPC: Possibly related to the above bug of Missing In Action, or possibly a separate bug - the Thalmor Headquarters in Solitude is empty and contains no mobs, though it is obviously meant to.
  • Quest: Picking up a quest item before you start the quest that it is meant for stops you from finishing misc quests
  • (XBOX 360), Cleared Northwatch before getting Quest missing in action, as soon as I open any door to Northwatch XBOX will freeze tried it several times. even when i left Northwatch and done other quest xbox will freeze as soon as you open door.
  • Quest: Boethiah's Calling: The text did not end while you talk to Boethiah's conduit.
  • Quest: Klimmek's Supplies will reappear in the chest near High Hrothgar after finishing the quest, given enough time, probably after respawn period. (PC)
  • Quest: No One Escapes... (Xbox): Upon entering being thrown in the mine, all quest items are removed from your inventory. They are not returned, however, when Modonoch returns all the items the guards took from you. Equipped quest amulets, such as Talos's amulets, will continue to provide their bonus until another amulet is equipped.
  • Graphical/Easter Egg?: In the Mythic Dawn Museum in Dawnstar, if you burn or freeze the scorched page from the Mysterium Xarxes (after opening the display), it'll change into the bucket. (PC, confirmed PS3)
  • (NPC) Horse AI (Xbox): The horse goes out of its way to run and attack enemies which are much stronger than it. For instance, dismounting to shoot the giants near Whiterun from a long distance causes the horse to close the distance, attack the giants, and be slaughtered. This is not horse-like behavior.
  • (NPC) Lydia (Xbox): Upon your Wedding Ceremony taking place, many citizens from past gatherings will join you - sometimes including dead followers! Lydia will occasionally teleport to the Ceremony even if she's already died with you in battle. This causes the patrons to think you're the one whom murdered Lydia and kick you out of the Temple, as well as cancel the Ceremony. Yikes!
  • Skeletal Dragon (Xbox 360, unknown on other platforms): When fighting a dragon sometimes you may absorb its soul and the dragons becomes a skeleton but still flies and atack you and becomes unkillable.
  • Quest: "Reunification of Skyrim/regain Winterhold". Can not get Legate Rikke to give option to "report for duty". tired spamming dialog, nothing. reload saves, nothing. even shut off console and reload game, nothing.(Xbox360)
    • This MIGHT be fixed by hitting Legate ONCE with any weapon and then quickly talking to her. The option to report SHOULD come. This happened with the "Liberation of Skyrim/Taking Solitude" when Galmar, Ulfric's second in command, would not allow the player to report in. Also, if you were given any type of special clothing, try wearing that as well before you hit Legate.
    • Another fix is to attack and kill Legate. After she dies she will come back to life after a second or two. as soon as she gets up she will resume attacking you. As soon as she hits you run and sprint until you get away from her. Then wait 24 hours and fast travel back to the camp she will no longer be hostile. You can then talk to her and the "Reporting for duty" text will now be active.(Xbox360)
    • If you haven't finished the main quest, you can do the "Season Ending" quest. In the negotiations, Markarth will become Stormcloak, and Winterhold will become Imperial. This completes the "Regaining Winterhold" quest, and adds "Regain The Reach". Legatte now has the "Reporting for duty" text active. However, when taking Markarth and Windhelm, Stormcloak soldiers were all invisible. Hard to kill, but finishes the questline.(Xbox360)
  • Quest: "Forbidden Legend" - Reforge the Gauldur Amulet. (Xbox 360) In Reachwater Rock you are presented with the Emerald Dragon Claw and its corresponding puzzle door. The puzzle's code, Bear/Whale/Snake, does not open the door nor does any other combination. Note: The snake on the claw is reverse from the snake on the door.
  • NPC: When killing a Ghost by the decapitation of the head, the severed head will lie on the ground as if it were a living being's. (XBOX 360)
  • Perk: Rapidly tapping sneak with the "Shadow Warrior" perk will most of the time cause enemies to get confused and walk away.(hilarity will follow)
  • Quest: "Message to Whiterun" - After capturing the dragon it is not possible to talk with the Jarl of Whiterun about the axe, there is no dialog option.
  • Companion: This occurs after "A Daedra's Best Friend," where the dog becomes your companion and follows you around. I was caught pickpocketing in Riften, and confronted by guards. I refused arrest, got attacked, and ran to the nearest store where I was confronted again. The second time, I paid my gold bounty, and returned outside to find my dog relentlessly attacking guards, and guards attacking him. As the dog has infinite health, it will never die, and at one point I had 21 Riften guards attacking him. I cast Firey Explosion and killed every guard, collecting a substantial bounty in the process. Even with the required amount to pay it off, and the option to pay it off available, the next screen says "Too rich for my blood." causing the conversation to revert back to the last window with the new option "Do you have time for this" - The guard will agree it is a waste of time, back off the conversation window, and then attack me with the rest of the guards. This will not stop.
  • Quest: The Break of Dawn - When activated to obtain the beacon, quest pointer points me to random spot in torture room of the Dawnstar Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.
  • Quest/Character: Viola Giordano can be killed, and will occasionally disappear/die randomly without interaction from the player (maybe a dragon or something) if this happens then "Blood on the ice" is incompletable.
  • Character: Viola Giordano is impossible to find; was not killed during any quests. "Blood on the Ice" is uncompletable.
  • Companion/"Companions" - After completing The Companions quest "Glory of the Dead" Aela The Huntress and Vilkas do not return to Whiterun. They did not die during the quest and are not in Ysgramor's Tomb where they left me as per the story. Farkas however did return but remains standing in the same exact spot in Jorvaskr at all times. It is possible I prevented Farkas from glitching like his comrades by asking him to follow me then immediately "asking him to part ways" before exiting the tomb. That may also be the reason the glitch happened in the first place.
  • Active Effects Glitch - Somewhere during the game, all active effects apart from the racial attributes and equipped apparel will disappear. Applies to Aedra blessings, diseases and some special ones like Ancient Knowledge.
    • I just experienced the lost active effects glitch (on PC) and found that it also removed all of my racial (Argonian) attributes. Going back in my saves, it looked like using the wooden mask caused the problem repeatably. It also unequipped my weapons and armor. Has this happened to anyone else on the mask? Maybe there is a script bug on it?
  • Alduin returns (PC): The reason is unknown, Alduin appeared at the Throat of the World, although the main quest is long finished. He was very glitchy; he flew around, his speed changing quite often, until he just froze in mid-air altogether. His health could be reduced to zero, but this would not kill him.
  • (Xbox 360) I believe (yet to be confirmed) that if you interrupt a dragon resurrection the dragon is only half developed and you cannot do any damage to it as this happened to me see attached photo. -I had the same thing happen to me. I ran away from the area, and when I returned I could kill the dragon, although it didn't move. However, I died almost immediately after from another dragon, and when I returned the swirling lights were going around on the grave but no dragon ever came out.
  • Erasing bounty letters (PC, 1.1, others?): If you use one of the "automatic" bookshelves in your home to store bounty notices (they are "books"), it will erase their unique information, and all they will say is "By order of". If you do this to multiple bounties, they will be stackable when you take them back, since they are no longer unique.
  • Tiny Falmer glitch (PS3 only, xbox360 and PC are unconfirmed at this time): while exploring the ruins in Understone Keep, I was attacked by 3 Falmer. I killed 2 of them but then I couldn't seem to find the 3rd one even though I was still being attacked. Then I looked on the ground, and there was a tiny Falmer attacking me! Not sure if this is an easter egg or a glitch but he was shorter than my sword. He looked exactly like a regular Falmer, did the exact same amount of damage and had the same amount of HP except he was TINY! This was on PS3, so sadly, I was not able to record the glitch (or easter egg?) or take pictures.
  • Invisible Maven (PS3): If you sneak into the Black-Briar at night, Maven Black-Briar would be invisible. Sometimes, she'll reappear when she attacks.
  • Frozen NPCs (Xbox): Sometimes NPCs will get stuck or freeze as their path updates. This can be annoying during cutscenes where you can't move until a scripted event occurs. One fix is to 'FUS' the NPC, then yield, or simply wait for an hour.
  • Shout/Effects: Ice Form will make players/npc's/monsters fly if they gain enough rotary speed by e.g. rolling down a slope.
  • (PS3) Upon Downloading Version 1.03 Any arrow I fired from a bow would not work if fired while held down all the way. If I held it down all the way, the arrow would immediately fall and hit the ground as if I didn't hold it down at all. If I fired a halfway held down shot it would fire perfectly, but not at full power or range, making it pointless to use archery. (69 archery level, different bows or arrows didn't resolve anything) When I started a new file, it would work then, but still not on my older saves.
  • (PS3) (Version 1.03) When starting a new game when your character gets off of the carriage the game saves a normal save. Due to the PS3 version using a different save feature it rather than saving a new save it saved over my previous save, erasing my 42+ hour character. My most recent save before then was 16 hours previous to this occurrence. Unsure if this occurs on Xbox or Pc, but it is an extreme nuisance to lose all your data due to something technical like this.
  • (PS3) May be for Xbox and PC as well, but this is definite for PS3. While trying to join the college of Winterhold, there will be a part where you are asked to perform a ward spell and deflect Tolfdir's spell. Do not dismiss any follower at this point! The college members will attack your follower and you will not be able to continue the quest. The dialog will not be there.
  • (PC) Directly after starting the DVD installation (while game files are being copied), you can switch from non-English to English language files in the Steam settings. However, these are not downloaded until after install completes successfully. The installer allows you to start and begin a new game already, resulting in a very boring intro sequence. After stopping in front of the castle gate, the intro is paused indefinitely as the voice-based scripts cannot run (due to lack of voice files). Fix: Wait until voice files are updated.
  • Pickpocketing: (PC) You can pickpocket everything without being noticed from somebody who is standing out from paralysis. It won't be counted to your pickpocket level.
  • Falling through the floor: (PC) It is possible for the player to fall through the floor when hit by a Disarm Dragon Shout. The player will hold on to it's weapon. After falling for a while, the player will respawn at the nearest entry or exit point of the dungeon.
    • This may be caused by the monster targeting a Follower, but hitting the Dragonborn as collateral damage.
    • I get a save that says "11/25/2005 Nord level 1" is it a glitch or a bug?
  • My follower, Lydia, randomly disappeared from the game when she apparently got switched out for Vilkas during the companions quest to retrieve the fragments of Wuuthrad.
  • Enchanting/Alchemy it is possible to use alchemy make Fortify Enchanting Potion and enchant items with Fortify Alchemy for ever increasing amounts. It reaches a point where the effect is so big it crashes the game. (tested on pc)
    • Long before you reach the point of a crash you will have game breaking effects such as making a +1,000,000% Fortify Smithing Potion.
  • The defend Winterhold College mission in the College quest line started and even though I hadn't used Lydia as a follower for a long time, she suddenly appeared as the mission started. In the course of battle with the Ice Wraiths she died/was hurt badly and was resurrected/healed by a Winterhold mage. Lydia then became "Bobo's Lydia" (don't remember his name) and I never saw her again.
  • (PC) If you go over 2,147,483,647 gold you end up with -2,147,483,648 and need to work back out of the hole. (This is due to the fact that your gold is stored in a dword and in that the highest bit sets the value negative.)
  • Companions quest: I gather all of the witches heads and return to Jorvaskar to find that he is now dead and that silver bloods have attacked the companions. I cannot get the next quest and the companions stay in the same spot that they were in when they attacked the silver bloods. I cannot finish the companions quests either
  • Third person view bug- locks camera closer (Xbox) in certain circumstances such as becoming a Werewolf or during the rat runs in Riften the camera angle becomes locked closer in to the player, practically being first person but with your character blocking most of the view. Drawing weapons cancels it until you sheath the weapon again and changing from first to third person doesn't affect it. Solutions anyone?


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  • Infinite follower storage glitch:
    1. Put everything for follower to take in a body, chest, etc.
    2. Command the follower to take it all

RETIRE EARLY! During questline Alduin's Wall, you are sent to Sky Haven with your companion and the two Blades. You can go anywhere else you like before Sky Haven, of course. With Mjoll and the two Blades plus my Flame Atronach and Esben's Frost Atronach, my only worry in combat was to avoid shooting somebody from my own side... and how to carry all the loot!

Infinite money! After finishing the quest for Mehrunes Dagon you will gain access to his treasury, you can take everything and come back later, the room will have reset and you can take everything again! Infinite Daedra Hearts and gold and ebony!

{C {C}In the quest Blood on ice you will gain possession of a strange amulet. You can sell this to Calixto Corrium in The house of Curiosities for 500 septims but when you have done so you can pickpocket him and sell the amulet again! This is a fast way to get some money in the game if you have a decent pickpocket skill. You'e pickpocket skill should be at least 40 and with 2 in "Light Fingers" and 1 in "Cutpurse" and you will be alright. {C}WEARING

QUICKER WAITING (XBOX 360): As soon as you choose the amount of time you want to wait, hit the Xbox guide button and the amount of time it takes to wait is reduced significantly.

WEARING TWO AMULETS (only Vampires): You need to be a Vampire and Gauldurs Amulet. Simply equip Gauldurs Amulet, then equip another, you wear two, now. To equip two amulets of your choice, equip the second amulet you want, the first amulet you equipped will disappear, just equip it again.

Note: When you load your game wearing two amulets, one will sometimes completely disappear.

You can´t wear two amulets of the same Material.

Not tested on patch 1.2

WEARING TWO AMULETS version 2: Following acquiring Savos Aren's amulet, it is possible to wear it along with Gauldurs Amulet if you give Savos Aren's amulet to a companion interested in you while wearing the Amulet of Mara, and then take the amulet back after a pause. As long as you do not drop Savos Aren's or Gauldor's Amulet after this point, you can switch interchangeably between any number of amulets. That includes dual amulets which grant bonuses to forging, allowing you to improve all your weapons and armor up to an additional 20% permanently.

Version 2 of the Dual Amulet exploit will not result in amulets disappearing and works on patch 1.2 and with all current mods as of January 2012.

FREE SILENT ROLL PERK: To use the silent roll perk at any sneak level you need: either equip weapons or spells in each hand (including two-handed weapons) then get into sneak mode. Unsheath your weapons and quickly press sprint as soon as the weapons are visible (you must also be moving forward) and then you should do a stealthy roll. Or, since patch 1.2, keep your weapons sheathed then unsheath your weapons at the same time as moving forward and pressing sprint.

WEAR MULTIPLE SETS OF ARMOR: You may wear multiple sets of enchanted armor by doing a few fairly simple steps.

  1. Commit a crime inside a city wearing your best armor, then get arrested
  2. Escape from prison, gathering your belongings on the way out.
  3. Put on a DIFFERENT set of armor (or enchanted clothing, such as the jesters clothes, or mage robes) and get arrested again.
  4. Sleep in the bed inside the prison, finishing your time.

When you finish sleeping, your character should be SHOWN wearing the set of armor first arrested in, but if you check your menu, you should be wearing more than one.

Infinite One handed and conjuration exp

For this glitch you must have the quest "the mind of madness" for Sheogorath (Daedric prince of madness), when you walk into the Pelagius Wing equip the bound sword spell to both hands and cast it, keep walking and you will appear before Sheogorath. The bound sword spell will still be in your hands. Sheogorath will give you the staff "Wabbajack" but the bound sword spell will still remain in your left hand. Go down the 3rd path to find the giant anger beating up confidence. One Handed: cast the bound sword spell and attack anger. he can not die and will never fight back. it takes a while but it is a very easy way to gain fast one handed exp. Conjuration: You can continuously sheathe and recast your bound sword, and since Confidence will be labeled as an enemy if you hit him, your conjuration will continue to level.

Getting Out of Your High Bounty

If you are a member of the thieves guild and you have a large bounty there is a way of getting out of the bounty without fighting, going to jail, or paying it off. Simply when the guard confronts you you will have 3 choice options, "I'm with the guild will this make you go away." or something like that, the 2nd option is, "take me to jail.", and the last is, "I'd rather die than go to prison!". Now use the option to say your in the guild and when the guard asks you if your sure say "nevermind" and the guard will say that you still have to deal with this bounty, if you will notice now the "I'd rather die than go to prison!" is not there and has been replaced with "I don't have time for this, do you?" use this option and he will warn you and your free to go! Please note that this doesn't work all the time you will know if it doesn't work because after ending the conversation the guard will pull out his weapon again and confront you again so keep trying until it works.

Going to Morrowind and Cyrodiil

(Xbox 360, PC and PS3 confirmed) First, you have to get out of the map inside of a city. Here are three ways to do so.

1. There is a house in the Northwest corner of Windhelm, where you can walk through its outside walls. This allows you to exit Windhelm's city space and visit any other location in Skyrim.

2. When entering Whiterun, look to your right immediately and head that way until you reach the first notch in the wall, about ten feet from the main gate. Here, you will find a single barrel which you can jump on. Jump on top and look at the opening towards the main gate. You can jump out of that opening, but you may have to unequip your armor, depending on how large it is, and you should jump right through, or if you catch on the wall, you can keep mini-jumping around the rim and you can fall out on the otherside as well.

3. For this one, you will need at least level 2 Whirlwind Sprint. In Solitude, go to your right where the execution took place and go up in the tower directly in front of there. Go to the top level and jump on the stone fence facing in the city. Use Whirlwind Sprint to fly over to the rim of the clothing store directly in front of you, and then walk along the rim to the area of the roof between the clothing store and the general store and walk to the very back, where you should fall right through the floor. Note that you may need strong armor, as the fall is relativly large.

When you exit the city, the game thinks you're still inside, so the graphics are highly downgraded, textures and physics don't make any sense, and invisible walls linger everywhere. You may find that you literally float ten feet above the ground at all times, and that buildings and other man-made structures disappear as you get close. You may also find that you never get attacked as, there are no AI in the game world when you're in the city (dragons will still load outside of the city). You CAN leave the Skyrim game space now though. All you have to do is find a fairly low portion of any mountain and traverse over it. You can visit Morrowind, and Cyrodiil. Be wary though, once you exit Skyrim's gamespace, you are sucked into some alternate dimension where you have to swim everywhere– even through mountains. However, you might see some familiar sights in Morrowind and Cyrodiil; such as Vvardenfell and Red Mountain, and the Skyrim-facing half of the White-Gold Tower. While exploring, you may notice that the sky, water, and character animations are normal quality, but everything else is highly downgraded.

Infinite Magicka

It's possible to get infinite magicka with two skill trees by using the Enchantment skill. To make this possible, you must have a very high enchantment level (a level of 100 is necessary to get infinite magicka with two skill trees and you also need the following perks: Enchanter 5/5 and Extra Effect). {C}As the second, you will need two fortify enhancements for the skills you want infinite magicka with. {C}Next you need four items to enchant (Ring, Amulet, Armor, Helmet) and four Grand/Black soul gems. {C}Now enchant your four items with the fortify enhancements that you want infinite magicka with (I prefer Destruction and Conjuration). Each item will reduce the magicka cost with 25% in both skill trees which means you will end up with 100% magicka reduction in both skills. Now just equip the items and you are done.

This probably is an intended feature. Because the cap for these enchantments is set at 25% by the developers, they would have been very much aware of this.

The Launcher Carriage

On the path between Bloated Man's Grotto and Fort Greymoor (I think I didnt check where it leads) there is a carriage with a dead imperial. If you run towards it and jump from a distance that will make you land on the end tip of the carriage it will launch you across the map at a very high velocity.

Free Bound Arrows

After learning bound bow in conjuration skill, equip "Bound Bow" magic on your left and right hand. Then, hold left then right attack or right then left (magicka must be enough for dual-cast). After that, release both attack buttons and you will not have the bound bow but instead the bound arrow will appears to be equipped. You will have 100 arrows (randomly 1, 100+ or 200+ for unknown reasons) for free and since the bound arrow is actually Daedric bound arrow, you have free Daedric arrows (Not appear in inventory list, disappear after equip another arrows, other unknown glitches). (PC, Unknown on other platforms.)

Extra damage on enchanted weapons

This is only for those that will go into the Destruction tree. The damage increasing perks in the tree are also effecting the enchantment damage on weapons. How ever the damage increasements in the enchantment tree only effect what you enchant while the increasements in the destruction tree effect ALL enchantments including what you buy or loot.

Free Destruction Experience

Note: This was tested on an un-patched Xbox 360 version of the game. It may or may not work on later versions.

While in Riverwood, (may work elsewhere) jump into the forge. As you get damaged, you will slowly gain Destruction experience. You can get infinite levels this way, just watch your health so that you don't die.

Skjor after death

After you finish the Companion quest line and Skjor dies in the fortress, outside of Windhelm to the Northeast along the coast line I found Skjor, well at least half of him, burried into the world itself and he will acknowledge you as a "whelp" still. I'm not sure whether this is a personal glitch but I found him at the crossing of Hollyfrost Farm (going North) and Yngol Barrow (going West).

Also found Skjor "walking" around with Aela the Huntress and Njada Stonearm. They were being attacked by a mammoth just south of Bonestrewn Crest (Dragon lair). He was walking without a animation and only his upper body was above the ground (the rest was in it), but a long, long, long time after he died. When i talked to him, he didn't responded and kept walking, unlike Aela and Njada. (Xbox 360)

Easy offensive skill leveling (works best with pickpocketing/archery/sneak)

Note: done this several times on ps3 and requires you to join stormcloaks

During the invasion of Whiterun while trying to bring down the bridge (do not bring down the bridge as the exploit will not work) just keep fighting Imperials and Whiterun guards, eventually after you reach the town gate they will retreat into the city. Afterwards, Stormcloaks will all still set into positions (they will not react until hit about 3 to 4 times which the ones that survived these attacks turn hostile but are easy to kill) just keep killing soldiers in any way that you see fit (personally i found it easiest to wait as the soldiers ran by to pickpocket arrows (if caught the one you stole from will turn hostile) while sneaking and just keep shooting them in the back until they die and more will respawn to take their place then rinse and repeat) this will make for easy leveling of any offensive skills you choose to work on.

easy duplication glitch

You need mannequins before attempting. I recommend buying the house in Solitude. Watch the video below for a more complete tutorial. First, place the armor that you want to duplicate on your mannequin. Don't exit out of the equipping screen, then take all of your armor back. Leave the area (loading screen) and come back. The set of armor you did the action with will now be duplicated on the mannequin. If done to an enchanted piece of armor (eg. personally enchanted ebony armor of destruction) it will be the unenchanted form. Even duplicates dragon priest masks. If you try this trick in the Riften house all furniture in the house will be gone, or the mannequins will be glitched out of position and non-interactive. (Confirmed PS3 and 360 even after 11/28/11 patch)

Infinite Magic Glitch

If you have an item which has +Magic upon it you can cast spells until you run out of magic and un-equip it and then equip it again to get the magic from the item.

Easy kill - Mammoths and giants

You can kill them even if you are level 1. Just exploit their bad AI by turning around a rock while shooting them arrows or spells. They will try to get to you but they are too slow. They will eventually die.

Another easy method is to lure giants or other large aggressive mobs towards door ways they can't get through. So long as you stay slightly out of their range they'll continue to swing at the door frame, this is especially useful when trying to level mage and archery. You can also get away with a hit and run tactic with melee attacks whilst they are using a power move, but don't get too cocky or you'll easily get one shotted.

Weapon Duplication Trick

I found this by accident so your results may vary. Purchase all upgrades to the house in Whiterun. Enter the house and equip two weapons ( I have only tried this with staffs) .Go to the weapon rack and activate the right weapon holder . This should remove the staff from your right hand and place it on the rack. Next activate the left weapon holder. This should now place another staff on the left holder. This new staff is a duplication of the first staff that you loaded. Remove both staffs and repeat. (Confirmed not working on PS3)

Alteration Leveling

If you have the Telekinesis spell, simply drop an item onto the ground and cast the spell on it to bring the item to yourself. You get a surprising amount of experience towards Alteration every time you cast this spell, making it extremely easy to level up. This spell can be purchased at the College of Winterhold. This can be increased faster if you also have the Detect Life spell, equip both spells, go to a highly populated area (such as the Riften marketplace or Palace of the Kings/Blue Palace after civil war, the more people the faster the skill goes up) and drop an item in a corner with no one directly behind you. Use Telekinesis on the item and cast Detect Life at the same time, and by doing this constantly and waiting for your magic to recharge, the Alteration skill can be maxed out in a couple of hours.

Leveling Up Exploit

When the beginning scene is finished you'll follow an Imperial to a small fort where you can continue to follow the Imperial or a Stormcloak (you can follow either for this to work). Whom ever you chose to follow will give you a small tutorial of the game as you escape the turmoil created in the beginning scene. As you go through the tutorial you will come to an under ground cave where you'll be taught how to perform sneak attacks. At this point you'll be asked to either sneak attack a bear or sneak past it. Instead of doing either of these you can enter sneak mode and go behind which ever NPC is giving you the tutorial and attack him over and over again with no consequence since he will not retaliate or die. You can use this to level up your one-handed, sneak, two-handed, destruction, and block skill by using shield bash. I'ts better to get them into a corner because when you hit him he will be pushed forward. This is very useful if you're willing to put the time into it.

Housing Exploit

In whiterun when you're given the option to buy the house for 5,000 gold there is a way to get the home and keep all that gold. This proves to be especially useful for lower level players who want a house, but don't want to blow all their cash. So, make sure you talk to the Jarl's attendant who sells it to you when he is near a chest, dresser, or something you can store you gold in. Go through the dialogue, say you wish to purchase it, then once you've pressed A to purchase, quickly press B a couple times to leave this screen and then quickly deposit your money into the chest. This also works for all the upgrades available to the house. He will indicate they'll be in your home next time you arrive, and you'll see the key placed in your inventory but you will keep all the gold.

Bucket Exploit

NPCs can't see any crimes while you put a bucket basket or kettle on their head.

Speech/Pickpocket Exploit

Note: This requires a fairly high pickpocket skill to work.

First become a member of the thieves guild then commit a minor crime. When you talk to a guard you'll have the option to use your guild status to make them look the other way, this will give you Speechcraft experience. After speaking with them pickpocket them and take your gold back (difficult at low levels). Find a new guard and repeat, you won't have the option to bribe the same guard twice so it's important to remember which guards you've already talked to.

Trainer Exploit

When training with NPC's you can pickpocket the money you spent training back from them. In doing so you can level pickpocket as well, in most cases gaining enough XP to go to the next level.

Other Method- Some NPC trainers are also available followers. This can be achieved once you do a certain quest for that character or another character. Once you get them to be a follower talk to them. There will be an option where you can train with them even though they're your follower. Once you trained with them using your gold trade with them. You will see that they will have your gold. Take the gold and you'll get training for free.

Follower Exploit (PS3)

"You get Lydia as a companion after you been chosen as the Dragonborn. Jarl Balgruuf will offer her as your assistant and appoint you as Thane. She is an excellent thief." If you have Lydia follow you to the College of Winterhold (Spell Training) in the beginning...take her into the Hall of Elements with you after gaining your first access to the college. The Hall Of Elements is the first place you will train in the College. If you stay in the Hall of Elements after the training is complete...and you still have Lydia by your side, you can tell her to "Part Ways With You"... If you do this within the Hall of Elements, she will begin attacking the other Magi that you were training with..even the instructor. At this point in time, you have already learned "Healing Hands" to gain entry to the college. Lydia does not die after fighting the Magi in The Hall of Elements..she merely gets "stunned"...that being said, you can cast Healing Hands on her over and over as she continues to attack. This will level your Restoration and your Overall Skill levels quite easily with a little time. Enjoy.

Conjuration Exploit

This one is very simple, all you need is a dead body, I tried it with a dead thief in Riften. After you get your dead body all you need to do continuously use soul trap on it and you'll get conjuration xp. You can do this for as long as you like

Restoration Exploit

You will need two spells for this one, the is the "Healing" spell and the Equilibrium spell. The Equilibrium spell turns your health into Magicka and the Healing spell does the opposite. If you duel wield them then you'll be able to gain Restoration xp, but for some reason not Alteration. You will need to stop Equilibrium every now and then, because it drains more of your health than Healing heals, and since Equilibrium restores magicka and Healing restores health, they almost balance each other out. Not sure if it'll still work if you get the "Regeneration" perk.

Restoration Exploit 2

You will need to dual wield healing and have the Stone of the Atronarch. Go to the Greybeard monastery (High Hrothgar) and head to the top of the mountain.At the top, there will be a spot with wind circulating it, run into it and heal yourself simultaneously for infinite Restoration Xp.

Magic Leveling Exploit

When you first join The Companions in Whiterun you will have to test your fighting skills on one of the members outside of the house. You can continually use spells on this person and he will not retaliate other than saying "What do you think this is? We don't do battle with magic around here, new blood. Now come at me." *Note be warned this could lead to a bug where Vilkas will not continue with the quest and therefore you can't join The Companions (PS3).

Speech Leveling and Gold Exploit

Go to any vendor and browse what they have to sell. For example, click Weapons and look at all the weapons they are selling. With the weapons screen open, move your mouse over the left menu and scroll down until you find your characters name. Right click and hold the mouse button down on your name as you drag the mouse over into the browse weapon screen, and let go. Now you are browsing the shop owners weapons, but you have your characters name highlighted. Click to buy something, and notice gold gets removed from the shop and added to your gold. The item doesn't disappear, so you can sit there and 'buy' the item over and over again until you've completely depleted the shop of all its money. Even after the shop has run out of money, you can continue to sell that item for 0 gold, over and over again and your speech skill will increase forever and your character will also level along with it. --No longer working after update 1.2 (November 30, 2011)

Pickpocketing Leveling Exploit

The same vendor bug described above works when you are pickpocketing. Pickpocket someone. Left click on your name, as if you were to place something on the target. Right click and hold on target's name and drag. You will be able to pickpocket your own items over and over. Be careful because you can still get caught.

Infinite (any) Arrows Exploit

When you enter the inner sanctum of the Thieves Guild, there will be multiple characters practicing their archery throughout most of the day. Simply walk up to the targets and have your pick at all the arrows they have used. Then just wait for them to shoot more arrows if you are in need. If you have any arrow you wish to duplicate simply steal there equipped arrows (wait until their asleep) and then equip that character with one of any arrow of your own by placing it on them. They then shoot that 1 arrow continually. If they stop shooting simply wait one hour and they will begin to fire again *works great with deadric arrows ;)

There also guards training in Solitude that fire infinite arrows at a target (haven't tested the reverse pickpocket exploit for better arrows, but it would probably harder because they don't have a unique name and thus would be difficult to identify when asleep. The guard(s) (one wasn't shooting for me, but had his bow drawn) shoot steel arrows (may be leveled).

Easy Leveling of Any Offensive Skill With Shadowmere

When you acquire Shadowmere through the Dark Brotherhood questline, you'll notice that he's nearly indestructible. You may also notice that no matter what you do to him, he won't turn on you. So as long as you don't bombard him with too much (a constant stream of arrows from a level 30 with 75 in Archery with a fire-enchanted Supple Ancient Nord Bow and Elven arrows does next to nothing), he'll provide an easy on-the-go practice dummy for quickly leveling up.

Easy leveling of the skill "Illusion" with the spell "Muffle"

Purchase the spell "Muffle", equip it and also some Magic regenerating robes. Cast the spell and you should easily get many levels up.

Easy Illusion leveling

Just find any NPC and continuously cast courage on him/her and you will get easy Illusion xp for it.

Fast Magicka Regeneration

Not sure what causes it, but there is a glitch that causes your magicka to regenerate faster than usual, and cause it to regenerate while using a charge spell like Fireball or Chain Lightning (Found near Skytemple Ruins). Might have been caused by the Slow Time Shout.

Infinite XP Glitch

You need Breezehome, an alchemy set and a book shelf to do this. The first thing you need to do is complete the Discerning the Transmundane quest. When you complete it you're rewarded with the book Oghma Infinium, DO NOT READ IT! just put it right in your inventory. When you talk to the Wretched Abyss you have to make a choice. When you're done with that travel to Whiterun, go in your house and go to the book shelf; this part is VERY important so I would advise you to save.

  1. Activate the book shelf
  2. Go to your books
  3. READ (Do not place it there yet) Oghma Infinium
  4. Choose a path
  5. Store it in your book shelf
  6. Close your inventory
  7. Go to the book and read it (Don't choose a path just press do not read)
  8. Then take it
  9. Repeat

(Fixed in 1.2 Patch)

NOTE: You can still use the glitch to read the Oghma Infinium twice, but instead of pressing "do not read" in step 7, choose a path. The book will disappear afterwards but you have will gained twice as much xp. (Does not have to be Whiterun house, I tried it in Proudspire Manor in the kitchens bookshelf and it worked fine. Other houses will most likely work as well|)

ALSO NOTE: Though the glitch was supposedly fixed in the 1.2 Patch, you CAN still do this glitch, you just have to do the same thing, only with a chest.

No Clip\Go Under Any City (PS3)

Before attempting this make sure you have the whirlwind sprint shout and a basket. Approach any place that has a door and place the basket in the corner of the door. Step a little bit away from the basket, aim toward the corner, and, if done correctly, you should go through and end inside of whatever you attempt it on. (Note: Used a wicker basket. Also, do not go under solitude as you will fall and die.)

Infinite Sprint Glitch (Torchrunner)-Equip a torch, and sprint until you run out of stamina, then tap the sprint button and it should continue to sprint without holding down the button or having any stamina.

floating hands glitch. -if you equip the worn shrouded amour and the tublerbane gloves your hands start floating


Bethesda announced that certain "entertaining" bugs will be kept in Skyrim instead of being fixed, these bugs may include, but are not limited to: giants sending you flying and the "no crime can be seen" bug in which NPCs can not see a player committing crimes if they have a bucket or kettle on their head. 1

Please make note: Spell absorption atronach perk from alteration tree and atronach sign can prevent summoning and quick reflexes shield perk from triggering. Other form of spell absorption may trigger this problem as well.

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