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    To celebrate tomorrow’s worldwide launch of , Zenimax have released an infograph detailing some of the incredible stats and numbers that we can expect from the game. These include how many character variations you can make, the number of books you can read, and how many mudcrabs you’d need to kill to reach level 50!

    Some of the numbers revealed absolutely dwarf what was present in , such as the NPCs and weapons, so it's safe to say our editors wi…

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    M.Owen LFC!

    In a few mere days before the launch of the much anticipated Elder Scrolls Online, Zenimax Online studio's has once again released an aritcle of a FAQ. The article details questions answered about the launch times of the games and important information on how every character the player makes is bound to the server they've chosen.

    The following are the launch times for the 5 day Early Access scheduled to start March 30th*:

    • North America (East): 7:0…

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    Hello fellow Elder Scrolls players! We hope your adventures are continuing to be fruitful and you aren't dying (too much).

    With the release of Elder Scrolls Online on the horizon, we wanted to make you aware of an opportunity coming down the line. We at Wikia have the chance to talk with Bethesda about the game, and we were wondering if you had any questions you wanted us to toss at them?

    We now know who we'll be talking specifically with:

    • Matt Fir…

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    C0DA, a 60+ page graphic novel written by former Bethesda employee and contract writer Michael Kirkbride was released today at 15:00 UTC. The novel is said to answer many long unanswered lore mysteries, such as the disappearance of the Dwemer, fate of Nerevarine, what is Landfall, the New Man and more. It also features unique artwork created by several talented artists however, as of writing, the artwork is missing but should be made available "a…

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    Hey everyone! Wikia visited the Bethesda offices and asked members of The Elder Scrolls Online team YOUR questions about the new MMO. Check out the videos below and be sure to visit the Wikia Instant Expert page for more on the Tamriel-spanning adventure. Huge thanks to the folks who contributed questions!

    How does The Elder Scrolls Online fit into Tamriels’ greater mythology? We sat down with Creative Director Paul Sage, who addressed a number o…

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    The Elder Scrolls Online, the franchise's massively multiplayer debut, is now open to brave adventurers the world over itching to tackle the sprawling world of Tamriel. If buzz on Wikia is any indication, Elder Scrolls fans are ready to team up and uncover the secrets of its rich overworld, loot its cavernous dungeons, and engage in intense PvP skirmishes. To get a gauge on The Elder Scrolls Online's early prospects, we asked some of Wikia's ve…

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    Hey folks!

    With Elder Scrolls Online on the near horizon, Wikia is searching for some Elder Scrolls fans interested in Livestreaming! Do you already create Lets Play videos? Do you want to share your Tamriel explorations with the world? I'd love to promote your awesome streaming efforts across Wikia!

    If this sounds like you, send me an email to with your name, age, location, and any streaming content you do (beginners are fine …

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    In a recent update by Matt Firor on Playstation Blog, he answers many questions that fans who are planning on playing ESO on PS4 have been wanting to know in a Q&A style blog. Read the entire post right here. The main highlights are:

    • Players will not be required to have both a Playstation Plus membership and a subscription, only a subscription to ESO, in order to play online.
    • The megaservers for PS4 will be seperate between North American players …
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