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Ruinsicon Skytemple Ruins
Skyemple ruins map
Hold Winterhold
Location North of Winterhold College
Type Nordic Ruin
Enemies Skeletons
Draugr (Leveled)
Location ID SkytempleRuinsExterior01

Skytemple Ruins is an ancient Nordic ruin found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is just north of the College of Winterhold, situated at the top of a large glacial mound which is surrounded by water.


The ruins are guarded by 3 to 4 skeletons and has one altar overlooking the sea and a small enclosed burial chamber. Approaching the burial chamber will awaken a leveled boss draugr, initially encased in an upright sarcophagus, who is guarding a boss level chest.

There is little importance to this area, except as minimal training.

Notable itemsEdit


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