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Slaughterfish are vicious, predatory fish that thrive in large bodies of water. They will attack anyone in the water they detect.

General statsEdit



Damage typesEdit

  • Physical

Soul levelEdit

  • Petty (150)



Go FishEdit

Collect twelve scales from Rumare slaughterfish for Aelwin Merowald.



  • Slaughterfish cannot swim in shallow water, so they can be drawn to a shallow area and attacked from a distance. Though they are usually easy to kill, they can pose a serious threat for a low level character out for a swim.
  • A slaughterfish out of water will flop about helplessly until it is killed or it lands in water.
  • The Slaughterfish from Oblivion resembles a hybrid between the real life catfish and real life anglerfish. The mouth and shape resembles the catfish and the teeth and fins on top resemble the anglerfish.


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