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For other uses, see Sleep.
Main article: Spells (Morrowind)

Sleep is a ranged Destruction spell in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind that temporarily reduces an adversary's Fatigue. The lost Fatigue is returned at the end of the spell's duration.



The following people use and/or sell this spell:


This spell can be purchased from the following merchants:

Eraamion Mages Guild10CalderaMages Guild
Estoril Thieves Guild10Ald'ruhnThe Rat in the Pot
Ferise Varo None15VosVaro Tradehouse
Heem-La Mages Guild10Ald'ruhnMages Guild
Laurina Maria TR None18MournholdRoyal Palace: Imperial Cult Services
Salama Andrethi Telvanni10Tel MoraTower Services
Salen Ravel Tribunal Temple10Maar GanShrine
Tinaso Alan Telvanni10Tel MoraTower Services
Uleni Heleran Mages Guild10Sadrith MoraWolverine Hall: Mages Guild
Urtiso Faryon Telvanni10Sadrith MoraUrtiso Faryon: Sorcerer


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