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Slime, or Lurker Slime, is an unacquirable Novice-level Destruction spell in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn. Casting it sprays Lurker Slime, the effect is identical to Miraak's Staff. It is only acquirable through Console Command by typing player.addspell 0301ae98, however it oddly deals no damage.


  • Does not benefit from any perk


  • Does not benefit from any perk


  • Only obtainable as a spell with the use of console commands
  • Identical effect can be used with Miraak's Staff



  • This spell is related to Lurker's projectile splash and Miraak's Staff.
  • Another Magic Effect related to this spell is "Lurker Slime", the variant is for Miraak's Staff exclusively.
  • Oddly, it deals no damage.


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