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"There squatted a cluster of formal buildings in the dreary Imperial design favored by Lord Vanech's Commission and every Emperor since Tiber."
Waughin Jarth[src]

Slough Point was a small town that served as a border crossing post between the provinces of Cyrodiil and Black Marsh during the Third Era.[1] It was an Imperial-built town and; thus, all of the buildings were built in the Imperial style that had been popular since Tiber Septim's time.[1] The main buildings were the Census and Excise office[1] and an Imperial Legion fort[1]. Slough Point was also the site of a bridge that crossed a major river in Black Marsh and was swamped by rising tides every four days.[1]

Slough Point was connected to the city of Gideon to the south and the town of Hixinoag to the north via the Commerce Road, making it a major stopping point for merchant and passenger caravans crossing between Cyrodiil and Black Marsh or between Gideon and Hixinoag.[2] It was also heavily infested by fleshflies.[1]

In 3E 398, the bridge at Slough Point was finally, permanently submerged under the river it crossed.[3] As a result of increased Naga raids on trading caravans, the Imperial Legion garrison at Slough Point was increased at the behest of Ambassador Tsleeixth.[3]



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