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Dear Diary
Today I go to see my cousin! Mother said it was a blest day, which I think means she's going to miss me. I'll miss her, too, but Im real excited to see cousin Drothan again! I promise write again real soon.

Dear Diary
I met a rider on the road today he called himself a curryer. He gave me a letter from cousin drothan! it says i'll have a special job when I get to Cyrodiil. I will be a steward. cousin says stewards keep track of who comes and goes, but somebody will do most of that four me, and i just need to only let people in who know the secret word. That's a very big responsbilaty! it says I have to tear up his note - cousin is very smart. I better write down the password so I don't forget it! Its "Chimer"

Dear Diary
Today I saw a wood elf!

Dear Diary
Another Curryer found me today, with another letter from cousin! This letter said that he may not be around when I get there. cousin said his journal will tell me everything i need to know about finding him if he's not around, and I should find it in his cabin. Uh oh - I'm no good at reading, only writing.

Dear Diary
Im finally here! Before I use the special word to get in, I have something I need to tell you, diary. It's not personul, but diarys are kid stuff, and I have to be grownup here, so i'm leaving you behind right here. But thank you, diarey, especially for keeping the special word safe. good luck!


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