Smuggling Sursum is an optional quest in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to an employer.
  2. Accept the quest and receive the Sursum.
  3. Travel to the specified area and deliver the Sursum.
    1. If a letter is received saying it is a set-up, see the Set-Up section.
    2. If no letter is received, continue as normal.
  4. Deliver the Sursum to the contact and receive the award.


  1. Go to the specified area and meet the sender of the letter.
  2. Give them the sursum.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

After going into a random area and talking to a radiant employer, accept the quest to receive the Sursum.

Go to the specified town or city and travel to the specified residence. To find the residence, the player can ask civilians about the contact or residence. If a letter is received, see the Set-Up section below. If no letter is received, continue as usual. 

Go to the residence and meet with the contact. If the contact is not inside the residence, sleep at a nearby inn for a few hours and return to the residence; the contact should then be there. Upon meeting with the contact, they will take the Sursum and give the player their reward: of a random amount of gold.


If the quest is a set-up, go to the specified area mentioned by the letter. Upon going to the area and meeting with the sender, the sender will take the Sursum and complete the quest. No gold is awarded this way, but it removes any bad reputation received by the quest.


  • 1 City Guard (if entering the residence if a set-up)