"Do you like firm, juicy tomatoes? I've been told that mind are the best in the city. Go ahead and see for yourself."

Snarzikha is a Orsimer grocer working at the Sea Salt Grocery in Seyda Neen on Vvardenfell.


  • "You're an adventurer, aren't you? I knew it! What an exciting life you must lead. You absolutely need to tell me all about it. Are you free later? I can meet you after the shop closes for the day." — After "Breaking Through the Fog"
  • "If you're traveling north and west, watch out for the Ashlanders. House Redoran says they're savages! North and east? That's House Telvanni territory. They're crazy old wizards, the lot of them, and slavers to the boot! Either way you go, watch yourself."